Tuesday, 22.11.2005
Magdeburg Boerdelandhalle


It's been a special day! We went to the x-mas market in Magdeburg there around midday and just a few minutes later...I saw two good looking man walking beside me. I needed a few seconds to realise that they were Paul and Magne from A-ha! A good hour later we have been in a big shopping centre and once again I met the guys. this time I straight went to them, wished him a nice time in the city, told them that I would come to their show and asked for a photograph. They been damn kind and so I could hold them both in my arms :-)!

Around 3.30pm we went to the hall and I was surprised to see, that only around 15 fans were waiting there. some of them already had seen a show of the tour - had some stories to tell us. The waiting was okay, though its been so cold.  The hall was open at 6.30pm, we got a great place first row almost Morten's place in front of us, I was deadly happy! At 8pm the support called "Mariha" a young band from Hamburg played a 30 minutes long set. I really liked the voice of the female singer.

At 9.10pm A-ha finally came on stage and everybody in the hall start showing their joy! WOW how young the guys still were looking especially Morten! What a real pearl of man he is! The first songs over I had the impression that the guys of the bands have their problems, as it was looking like Morten didn't cared about the others but with time the 3 found "back" to each other and were rocking together. The gig been full with special moments which highly moved me. Magne was talking to the fans between the songs and Morten  were keep smiling all the time! oh lord ... so sweet ;-))!

The show was around 100 minutes long, its been GREAT  and I wish I could see them once again! Around 4000 fans been there !! Most of them had seat places, so the standing people had a lot of place in front to the stage and you really could enjoy yourself even more.


T H E  S E T L I S T was including:

Celice  - first single of their latest "Analogue" album, which I really love! they played it first!
Stay on these Roads
Manhattan skyline
Cosy Prisons 
Hunting high and low
Take on me
Crying in the rain  - for me the best moment- no comments just a huge smile ;-)))))
I call your name
I've been losing you all three in front of us ...gorgeous moment
Summer moved on
The living daylights
Magne asked Morten to make stage diving, both start to laugh!
The Sun Always Shines On TV
- he jumped on a big box in front of us, that we almost could touch him, holding the micro to us, he wanted to hear us sing along with him :-)
Dark is the Night for all a gorgeous end for a gorgeous concert!



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