what a cutie a-ha          live in
Leipzig 15.09.02
we arrived in the front of the hall at 3.30pm, there were only about 40 fans waiting and i was surprised to see it, i mean i thought there would be many more people, who arewaiting. anyway that was good for me, so i could be sure to get a great place in the front of the stage! we waited there till 7pm when the doors were open and run to the stage, i got an gorgeous place, second row in the middle, the best one you could get to see the cutie Morten very very close ;-))! iīve been so excited about! it was "cool" to see about 20 depeche fans around me who i know from the Exciter Tour or dm parties ;-))! at 8.00 the supportband called "Saybia"played, i really liked their musik, they had beautiful rock-songs and the singer voice really pleased me. around 9.15pm the real "stars" of night were coming on stage and everybody in the hall started to have fun: i felt hypnotised and so excited to see them finally, especially to see the soooooo cute Morten in front of me. oh god...heīs such a sexy sugar, you canīt believe, if you see that man, that heīs 43 years old already, he looked like a end20 man, really unbelievable :-)! Dressed in black leather trousers as well darkblue shirt with the "lost" red word on it, you can see it on the picture! also the two other a-ha men been great "pleasure" for the eyes ;-)! the setlist was:

Forever Not Yours> Minor Earth Major Sky> Lifelines> There's a reason for it > Manhattan Skyline> I've Been Losing You/The Blood that moves the Body > Time And Again> Did Anyone Approach You?> Turn The Lights Down > Stay On These Roads> Hunting High And Low> Locust> The swing of things > Sycamore leaves (Paul Waaktaar-Savoy Vocal-Version)> Dragonfly (Magne Furuholmen Vocal-Version)> Scoundrel days> Take On Me-> The Living Daylights> Encores: Summer Moved On< The Sun Always Shines On TV

all in all the concert was unforgetable, all the old hits made me feel like heaven, the band gave her best and the fans have been pretty excited! donīt miss the guys, if you have the chance to go to their gig!



Đ September 2008