...Berlin 02.November 2003...Paper Monsters Tour... 

Once again it was time to see one more show of Daveīs Solo Tour! Lucky girl Iīm I had a GREAT place again in front of the stage, first row, right side :-)! The support band "Whyte Seeds" didnīt got the support of the German fans and certainly were glad as they could leave the stage again! i felt a bit sorry for them, as I didnīt found them bad at all! Well at 9pm finally time for the one and only SEXBOMB ;-) to start his show:

Dirty sticky floors oh lord everybody was screaming so loud that you hardly could hear the music ....Hidden houses ...and Black and blue again two more Paper tracks which let the people go wild A question of time  the old classic dm song, full with  power and a great drum-solo at the beginning.. followed by .Bitter apple as well A little piece my favourite of Daveīs solo-tracks...Useless was quite in the depeche style...I imaged Martin would join the stage I need you no "I need you" singing at the end, Dave wanted us to sing some strange tones like "uouou" strange but true *lol* Walking in my shoes  ...I wish he would have played a other song... Bottle living to use some lines of the "Rolling Stones" .."I know itīs only rock n roll but I like it ;-) Personal Jesus....followed by  Goodbye we all should have sing "goodbye" at the end but i couldnīt do it to David, how should I? ...I donīt wanted him to go at all ;-)... 1.Encore: Dave was saying "oh itīs so loud here..." as he came back on stage Hold on ... you opend my eyes today...how true it is man!


I feel you...Dave was crawling on the stage ;-)) after his typical go down on his knees... baah what a fxxxxx hot  moment ;-)))....Never let me down again ....2.Encore: Dream On wonderful acoustic version which made my heart smile and all I could do is to show my joy  ;-) Policy of truth ...everybody was singing and asking for more , yeah which came with the last "bomb" of song  Enjoy the silence includ. a part of  Just Can't Get Enough in the middle! 

All in all a FANTASTIC show, Mr Gahan was rocking all the time and his friends Knox and Co did their best job as well! Canīt wait for the show in Magdeburg!