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S E T L I S T :

01.In Chains
03.Hole To Feed
04.Walking In My Shoes
05.It's No Good
06.A Question Of Time
08.World in my eyes


11.Miles away
12.In Your Room
13.I Feel You
14.Policy Of Truth
15.Enjoy The Silence
16.Never Let Me Down Again
17.One caress
19.Behind the wheel
20.Personal Jesus

TOTU gig number 12th for me! OMG after a 5 weeks long break my joy could not be bigger to see them in Berlin again! the only thing i was afraid for, not to arrive the city, as we had heavy snow storms here and in berlin as well. THANKS to the BAHN there was no problem at all. my sister and mom had joined me we reached Berlin at 10am and made some sightseeing, went to the "weltzeituhr", "fernsehturm" and "brandenburger tor"!


as i had a standing ticket i went to the O2 world around 1pm, where about 50 fans were waiting already. a few girls were joining me and a little later again our Mags from paris finally arrived - oh joy! the waiting was hard, very cold and wet because of the snow-storm. but we made out the best of it. a few minutes after 6pm they opened the gates, which was quite okay for a change. and YES i got my fave place again, with Mags and Kirsten next to me. 3 mad girls together first row, right side. lol a new support act for the rest of TOTU, Nitzer Ebb many fans were happy about it! their gig was quite okay, the singer was even more energy-full on stage as dave, when this is possible LOL!


depeche mode started their gig as always a few min after 9pm! the audience was one of the best of TOTU and made lots of noise, celebrating with dave, mart and fletch! it was a fantastic gig! no setlist changed unfortunate, but i wasnt expecting a thing at all, so no sad nad *g*! cu in düsseldorf!

by nadgahan January 2010 / Home