Berlin, Waldbuehne
12th of July 2006


To be on a Depeche Mode concert on my birthday been a dream come true! :-) And yes its been the best birthday"party" of my life ;-)! The gig was the best (plus Dresden!) of their tour, at least for me!

Well lets start from the beginning! This time my sister joint me again for the trip! We've been in front of the location at 11.30am. Around 50 fans been waiting on the main way. We joined them for around an hour. But it was so damn hot in the sun, so we went to the small inlet way, where the air been a bit better and we not were sitting directly under the sun. it was okay but still very annoying, very warm. We spent our time with drinking water and tried to stay fresh! The inlet was at 5pm and quite okay! I got my place in front of the stage right side again, where the walkway started. *Great*! The long waiting before with the hot temperatures had quite stolen my energy, but I was to relieved that we finally been inside! At 7pm Goldfrapp made their 30 minutes long performance and once again I must say I really enjoyed it!




















At 8.15pm DM came and there was a noise in the Waldbuehne, unbelievable! EVERYBODY was screaming for joy and you could feel, that something magic was in the air, you could feel that all the "mad" devotees must have been there, including fans from Polen, Italy and Sweden! WOW!!! No matter of new or old songs, everybody was singing, screaming, dancing, you could see that David, Mart and Fletch felt how special the gig would become. I felt so endless happy, as they played most of the tracks, I wanted them to perform, just like "Sinner in me"; "Just can't get enough" or "Shake the disease"! There were a lot of funny moments for me especially with Mr.Gore, gosh, I really should try to get a place in front of him in Leipzig! My best moments been "Behind the wheel", when Dave came on the walkway, I had filmed it with my mobile, he was winking and smiling *I hardly could stay silent*lol*! Well I never can, to be honest *lol*!

The end of "Home" when Martin still was making a small "guitar solo" and was laughing at the end! "Shake the disease", when everybody was clapping with the hands in the tact of the refrain, like we did on his solo gig in Hamburg 2003. I At the beginning of "Never let me down again" Dave made a small mistake by singing! Mart and David laughed about it and everybody was singing with them after! I really  enjoyed every little second of that hot show and the fact that only one more gig (Leipzig) is in front of me really "scares" me! Anyway THANKS A LOT depeche mode for making that day so special for me, I'll never forget!

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