Berlin, Waldbuehne
28th of June 2006 



I didn't had a ticket for that show but had luck and got a place as "local crew member" for the gig! Sounds great hmm ;-)!? Well its actually nothing special! The only thing you have to do is giving "flyers" to the fans, when they "run" to the stage *lol*! As reward you could see the gig for free! Which of course was very welcome :-)!

All the "local crew members" had a date at 3pm, when our "boss" came! We have been inside the Waldbuehne around 3.30pm and got our "order" what to do! Then we had around one hour time, which we used for a walk to the stage. Which was cool, I mean to see a part of the sound check (without the band unfortunate) and how things does work there. I used the time to made some photos with my mobile! A big hello to Diana :-)! At 5pm the inlet begin and we started our job, which was so much fun! I can't remember when I had so much laughs lately! Its been great to see how it looks like, when all the crazy fans run to the stage! The first once weren't interested at all to get a flyer *lol*... no wonder at all, as most of them been on many gigs before :-)! Yeah where ever I go to, there are always the same faces to see ;-)! Which always brings a kind of "family" feeling to me, though most of them I don't know at all *lol*!

Then we got more flyers of a British guy who asked us for help! He told us that we would get the live-cd of the gig for free as reward! cool, of course we all said yes and our smile on the face became even bigger *lol*! Anyway I met a lot of pals during "work" and it was so funny to see people faces when they came and saw us standing there with the papers to give away!









Around 15 minutes before Depeche Mode came, we stopped and could go to the stage, thanks to our leader, I got my place in front of it on the right side, once again I was the "happiest girl"! at 8.10pm the show started! Martin's daughter Viva Lee been there, enjoyed to see her dad doing his job! For me the best moments of the gigs been: "Question of time" ...Dave in front of us, the sexy smiling devil inside *g*..."Precious"...which more and more gets the place in my heart, which "Enjoy the silence" used to have! "Nothing's impossible"...."Even the stars look brighter tonight"...I wish the sky would have been more dark as they played the song, but as the gig started one hour earlier then usual no chance, what a pity! I love the moment when David looks to sky! "World in my eyes"  when he always makes the hottest moves and the brilliant "Photographic" which simply rocks! The set list been the same like the Bremen one! I wish Martin would have played "Blue dress" FINALLY, which he done in the USA already two times, I think! I love this song so much! All in all it was a great gig, but when someone would ask me which gigs been my favourites so far then I would say: Dresden and Mannheim!


THE SETLIST: Intro / A Pain That I'm Used To / A Question Of Time / Suffer Well / Precious / Walking In My Shoes / Stripped / Home / It doesn't matter two / In Your Room / Nothing's Impossible / John The Revelator / I Feel You / Behind The Wheel / World In My Eyes /  Personal Jesus / Enjoy The Silence / Leave in Silence / Photographic / Never Let Me Down Again

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