a-ha October 25th, 2010
Braunschweig, Volkswagenhalle

Having a second row front of stage ticket felt brilliant. no need to stand hours before the concert hall,  to wait for the inlet. just coming when the gates are open and going to your place without rush. how nice it was. i was very happy that evening, all their hits brought memories back and i so enjoyed seeing them so close again. morten is still the faszinating & very cute man he always been! he did a fantastic job and WOW his voice was magical. i specially loved the "butterfly butterfly" version, so beautiful.

Their support band  was "das gezeichnete ich" i had seen at the pet shop boys gig last year already, nothing special but not bad anyway.


1. The Sun always shines on T.V.
2. Move to Memphis
3. The Blood that Moves the Body
4. Scoundrel Days
5. Stay on these Roads
6. Manhattan Skyline
7. Hunting High and Low
8. The Bandstand
9. Looking for the Whales
10. Butterfly Butterfly (unplugged)
11. Nonstop July (unplugged)
12. Crying in the Rain (unplugged)
13. Minor Earth, Major Sky
14. Forever Not Yours
15. Summer Moved On
16. I've Been Losing You
17. Foot of the Mountain

18. Cry Wolf
19. Analogue
20. The Living Daylights

21. Take on Me


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