November 1st  2009 

S E T L I S T :
- In Chains
- Wrong
- Hole To Feed
- Walking In My Shoes
- It's No Good
- A Question Of Time
- Precious
- Fly On The Windscreen
- Clean
- Home
- Miles Away / The Truth Is
- Policy Of Truth
- In Your Room
- I Feel You
- Enjoy The Silence
- Never Let Me Down Again

- Shake the disease
- Stripped
- Behind The Wheel
- Personal Jesus

Sunday morning, after a short night at my hotel in Oberhausen, it was time to get the train to Bremen! meeting my friend Ute at the trainstation and doing our trip together! Of course the train came to late, so we had to new organise our trip and arrived the Bremen city about 90min later as we wanted. anyway, it was no problem LOL! we straight went to the AWD DOME, about 40 fans been waiting there already. our pal Jens joined us a little later. it was another COLD day, but still no rain again! thanks the lord LOL!

the time went over fast and around 6.30pm it was time to run front of stage :)! i got my loved place again and simply was the happiest nad ;)! lot of known faces around, as always same fans in the first row, it must be pretty funny for dm to see the same mad people there every time they are in germany ;)!

at 8pm Soulsaver did their small gig and fans were kind to them again. i mean in the past the support bands never had a easy job with us! but we all get older and wiser i guess *lmao*!


few minutes after 9pm THEY came and the hall was cooking! i really cared lot of dave that night, as i didnt found him looking "happy" the day before. he made a hot very energy full performance, its hard to believe he's close to 50! mart surprised us again with a beautiful version of my loved "clean" - wow i'm so thankful for bringing some changes in the setlist and cant wait for more RARE or not played song versions yet. anyway all in all a great show, from the band and a good audience!

by nadgahan / november 2009 / Home