Berlin 19.09.98 + Erfurt 20.09.98  






I went to Berlin in the early morning on Saturday the 19.september´98 and met my friend Denise. A long waiting in front of us but it doesn't matter :-)! Around midday most of the fans arrived and a lot of people start to sang DM songs. So it was a real black celebration already. I also seen some other pals of mine, even my Spanish friend, who I knew since about 4 years, and that was fantastic! I had luck and came in the front of the stage, together with some of my pals! Around 22 000 fans came to the concert! Around 7.30pm the support band, called PURITY came on the stage and played a half hour long. They were 3 girls and it was quite loud and industrial stuff, but honestly I didn't found them that bad, they were okay. After their gig all the fans screamed so loud for joy and happiness to see DM damn soon, it was a unbelievable atmosphere so great and full of DM devotion, many start to cry and had tears in their eyes. At 8.30pm the gig started with PAINKILLER and I was ready to die for joy! God, all the people went crazy screamed and shouted DM... DM and as the intro was over they finally came on the stage ! First FLETCH, MARTIN and then DAVID. They looked absolutely fantastic, and so excited about the devotion from the fans! They played: QUESTION OF TIME; WORLD IN MY EYES; POLICY OF TRUTH; IT'S NO GOOD; NEVER LET ME DOWN AGAIN; WALKING IN MY SHOES; ONLY WHEN I LOSE MYSELF; QUESTION OF LUST; HOME; CONDEMNATION; IN YOUR ROOM; USELESS; ENJOY THE SILENCE; PERSONAL JESUS; BARREL OF A GUN; SOMEBODY; STRIPPED; I FEEL YOU and JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH. Dave made a unbelievable performance, danced soooo great , but others as in 1993 or before. I think he had such a funny mood that night, had a smile on his face all the time. For example, there were two background singers again, who joined DM for a few songs and as the two went on stage, Dave was imitating the way they go, that was so funny and many started to laugh about it! I think he could be a perfect actor or comedian ! On the stage were a video-screen, where they showed parts of DM video clips as well new stuff, for example you could see the guys as napoleon, that was too funny and gorgeous, Martin with black long hair or dressed in crazy clothes. Anyway all in all the concert was perfect, DM gave their best and they got the feedback from the fans. After the gig I had absolute no voice, couldn't say word, ha ! Around 11 pm the show was over. Then we straight droved by car and the rest by train to the next city Erfurt, where the next concert was! The gig was just amazing too and as we were the first fans there, who waited for the concert hall, we stand again in the front of the stage during show. They played exactly the same tracks as the night before and gave all their best.


Hannover 09.10.98 + Leipzig 10.10.98

We went to Hannover in the early morning with the train and arrived around 9am, there were already about 20 devotees. The weather was okay, not as bad as the days before. During the day many of our pals arrived and we met a lot of the same people from the concerts in September. Around 6.30 pm the doors to the hall were open and it was time to run to the stage, we stand in the front almost on the same place as always. Even before the gig started, the security guys had a lot of work to do, yep the people behind us pressed so much and so many girls and even boys got no air to breath and had to left their places. Thanks god, I've survive that, but honestly sometimes it was damn hard not to give up. The concert was absolute amazing from the first minute on and all the fans went crazy. My pal Denise left her place in the middle of the gig, she didn't had the strength more, as the fans were pressing terrible. I had luck there was a lovely guy, who helped me to press the devotees back behind me and so it was okay. DM played the same songs again and enjoyed the gig, I think. Then we went to the train again and drove to Leipzig. We could sleep 2 hours only which was far to less! On 9 am we arrived the concert hall. A hour later it started to rain and as it was terrible cold, we all were freezing damn much, it was really bad weather. Four people always stand together under a umbrella, as close as possible. I had 3 guys with me and we all had great fun anyway. Unfortunate it was raining all day long, but as we stand in the front of the stage again in the evening, we were the happiest people and had forgot this terrible long waiting. I didn't expected that I would live so many great moments during the concert and for me this gig was the best ever. Dave came right before us so often, I could take a dive in his eyes and was ready to die. He was in a fucking great mood and "flirting" with us :-)! After singing "enjoy the silence" he said DANKE SCHOEN in German language sweet ;-)! During STRIPPED he reached his hand to us, but the way from the stage to the crowd barrier was to long, shit :-(! After the concert I asked one of the security boys. I saw that there still was Dave's mineral-water bottle on stage, where he had drunken from during the gig. So I asked the guy to give it me, and yes I got Dave's bottle( hee hee ;-)!) , it is still half full and stands now here in my room! I was definite the happiest girl on earth after that night, but terrible tired and out of strength... the trip to home was really hard, as i often just slept in...thanks god...there were some kind people who waked me up ..if I had to change the train!





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