Berlin 05.09.01 + 06.09.01 
wow what a great feeling it was to wake up in the early morning and to realise depeche mode is in Germany :-)! at 6am in the morning i left home and reached Berlin at 9am, where i met my friend Denise. we straight went to the "Waldbuehne" where the concert was inside and had a long waiting in front of us. anyway during the day more and more fans (including some pals of us) were joining and it became a real party before with lot´s of laughs and fun. around 4pm they opened the doors and it was time to run to the stage, we got great places on the right side between Dave and Fletch in the second row ;-)))), great. around 7pm the support band fad gadget made their performance, wow what a mad performer/singer they had...but i must say their music was quite okay and i enjoyed them as well. at 8pm finally the holy moment arrived where my fave band was starting their show...wow i felt hypnotised, terrible excited and couldn´t believe my eyes...first mart and fletch came on stage...as they played the "dream on" acoustic version....mart came in front of us with a terrible sweet smile on his face ;-)..what a cutie he is. during the first seconds of "dead of night" Dave joined them and started to rock the stadion, what a smashing moment it was, everybody screamed and went mad for joy. during the gig the guys seems to enjoy theirself a lot...I never before saw Dave so powerful on stage, his performance did remind me a lot on Michael Hutchence as well on bono! I also was so fascinated by little martin, who where "jumping" and "dancing" over the stage as well. often he and Dave played their games together, they were making a perfect performance full of fun and sex. the setlist for the night was: Easy Tiger - Dream On (Live Instrumental Acoustic....great start with Mr.Gore) / The Dead Of Night ....Dave joined them and i was ready to die ;-)))/ The Sweetest Condition ....wonderful singing by Dave which made me a cold shower on my skin / Halo .../ Walking In My Shoes / Dream On ....i adore the live version so much it´s much better than the original/ When The Body Speaks ...I'm just an angel....at the end Dave asked us to be silent and to enjoy it ;-) / Waiting For The Night To Fall ..."ooooooh oh oh oh ;-)" / Surrender...martin was singing it wonderful , though i would have loved to hear it from Dave anyway/ Breathe ..my absolute favourite track by Martin...it´s quite rocky in the middle of the live-version....fletch did enjoyed that song a lot I bet/ Freelove ....Dave asked us to sing with him and i can say we, the fans, made a pretty good job ;-)))).../ Enjoy The Silence ...for me the best song in the set...it always makes me feel like heaven ....all I ever wanted..../ I Feel You...the old Dave from 93 is back ;-) in the way of performing the song..../ In Your Room / It's No Good...I liked the movie they showed on the screen for it, poor Dave had no chance by the blondie girl there ;-)..hey man I wouldn´t have left you alone ;-))))) / I Feel Loved....wonderful dance version we all were jumping like crazy and singing with Dave/ Personal Jesus ..again one of the best moments of the night full of energy in the masses of fans.....Encore: Home ....wonderful/ Clean...oh i was terrible excited about as i always dreamt of seeing Dave to perform it;-)))) in front of me/ Black Celebration ...rules / Never Let Me Down Again ...a explosive end full of emotions and arm-moving....to make it short ;-)...the concert was smashing great every little minute made me feel higher and higher and I was damn reliefed to see some more gigs on the way ;-)! anyway that night i still had a wonderful meeting with some of my dearest pals;-))))!

06.09.01 a sleepness night was behind us and i felt pretty tired over the day but still had enough strenght ;-)) for the second gig in Berlin, so we went to the Waldbuehne again in the early morning and waited there like the day before till the doors were open and got the same great place like the day before. we had so much luck, as the weather was wonderful again, i even got a sunburn in face ;-), though Berlin was supposed to get a lot of rain and cold temperatures that day ;-)! the gig was sooooooooooooooooo fantastic as well and the best surprise in my eyes well it´s nothing special but for a mad cow like me it was heaven to see Dave dressed in white ....oh lord one more wish of mine which came true ;-)))! they made some changes in the setlist, so martin was singing "sister of night" which broke tears to my eyes as it was so wonderful, for "clean" Dave was singing "condemnation" which was the first time on the exciter tour...so one more special moment. the concert was full of action again and if you would ask me which one of the both Berlin gig was the better one I honestly can´t give you an answer. both had their special moments both were full of joy excitment! anyway around 11pm all was over and we went to the train station, me and Denise, to take the train back home to me for a day break.


Hamburg 08.09.01 + Leipzig 09.09.01
wow it seems to become a endless party for us...so again it was time to move our asses out of the bed in the early Saturday morning at 5am and make our trip to Hamburg were the next concert was on the way ;-))). again an big open air show with 65000 (!) fans. unfortunate it was raining all day long and so the waiting was not exciting at all, in addition it was fucking cold but we made the best out of it. they opened the doors around 4pm and the way to the stage was long and wet full with dirt. so I was afraid to get not such a exciting place this time, but no...i got it and were standing in the first row these time...you can imagine my happy face then, again I stand on the right side, these time with my pals Denise and Andre beside me ;-)! the joke...in a German magazin was a photo of us3 as we were waiting there, as it was raining like crazy ;-)! its a cool remind of the night! article these time they had two support bands, a band called "technique" ( 2 girls around 30 years of age) and the good old "fad gadget" again ;-)! all the gig were filmed by 4 stage-cameras so who knows maybe some recordings will be released soon, it would be great ;-)! the show was great again, though i must say a bit less powerful as the berlin gigs, certainly because of the shitty weather. they played the same tracks like in berlin1. the thing which made me laughs a lot that night was fletch, he was in a crazy mood that night, sending hand kisses to us, winking and smiling to the fans like crazy ;-)))....how sweet. Mart was often in front of us ..smiling like an angel.. jumping! as he wanted to start singing "breathe" we all were screaming so loud...so he said to us in a beautiful sweet German "ruhe bitte" ( please be silent) everybody was getting mad for joy and laughed;-)))....Dave made the best performance he could, though the rain even reached all the stage ( was wet) and so the guys went wet as well. no wonder that he got a cold there. after the gig we joined 3 pals of us in the hotel and could sleep there a few hours before it was time to take the train to Leipzig for the fourth gig ;-).

09.09.01 again a rainy day was in front of us but who cares if the modes are on the stage again in the evening ;-)...! a big open air show was on the way these time with 70 000 (!!!) fans , it got almost that big like the passadena show, it should be the second biggest dm show ever, so a event for sure. again the two support bands started their programm around 6pm... it was raining like crazy and we already were afraid to see the dm-show to get cancelt, but thanks god it doesn´t happened. at 9pm the first song was in the air and like a miracle the rain stopped and didn´t came back. from the beginning on there was a "special" atmosphere between the band and the fans, everybody was singing with David, ......Dave and Mart were talking much more between the songs compares to usual and for me the gigs was the best. well these time i had my place again second row right side and a lot of mad fans around me as well...so we all were getting more and more crazy jumping singing and enjoying the gig. for me the hightlight that night...Dave were jumping on the way in the front of the stage and made their performance there by "enjoy the silence" so close to us and that was the first time on this tour that I was moved by that and cried ;-)! the only sad point that night, because of his cold, they played 3 songs less that night but else the show was a endless party more than exciting and completely crazy ;-)))))))))!

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