live in Cologne 26.09.01 + 27.09.01


26.09.01 we had booked in a youth-hotel and reached there at 9am, i was a bit   shocked as the rooms there didn't looked so exciting and we had to share it with 4 other people we didn't knew at all. Anyway after we straight went to the concert hall, yes so early ;-) and were the first fans there who were waiting for the night! With time more and more devotees were joining including some pals of mine and we spent our time talking laughing and having fun. At 6pm..they opened the hall but the organisation of the security guys was very bad, it really was the worst thing I ever lifed before as they had no control over the fans and it definite was a dangerous situation. Anyway I was so glad as I finally had my place in the middle of the second row, yes Dave was standing less than two meters away only ;-)! Well. ...the support band Fad Gadget made their crazy show as always and I enjoyed them as I really like their music, The singer Frank made a stage diving over my head .... how exciting ;-)))! At 9pm the time was arrived everybody was waiting for came on stage, as always first the Fletch man , and then sweet martin, who went in front of me, oh boy how much I waited for that moment to see my men again and was ready to die as Dave joined them, as always with a rocking performance to "dead of night". I was busy with looking to Dave and Mart all the time, singing screaming jumping to the songs, and so excited to end up in their eyes.... I was terrible happy! before sweet Mr.Gore was starting to sing "sister of night" we all in the hall were singing " oooooh ohhh ohhhhhh" ( the end of waiting for the night)  for a long while and mart joined us with his voice, till he said in a great sweet German..."we could carry on this job all night long but it would be to boring" everybody in the hall was laughing! Anyway the show was certainly one of the best ones i saw from the exciter tour till now, full again with Dave's and marts dancing/jumping over the stage, full energy and the loud singing of the fans, I highly enjoyed every little moment. After I met some pals again and we took a few drinks together before everybody went to their hotels for the night.






27.09.01 depeche mode´s second show in Cologne after a short night we had to leave the hotel room again at 9am, made breakfast there and brought our things to the train station. After we decited to go to the hotel where dm were spending their time. We took place in the Hotel Restaurant and had some drinks... with other fans who also had the hope to see the guys, but we haven´t. anyway it was cool to be there a few hours. In the early afternoon we went back to the train station again as a pal was arriving. then we went to the concert hall again and met some pals. I just had got a ticket for the concert, the day before and was happy that I also could visit the second cologne show. But it was the first time that i had a seat place, but a good one not far away from the stage. Like the day before around 7pm we were inside the hall and took our places. The concert was great and for me the ultra surprise that night, to hear martin singing "dressed in black"! that was the Europe-premiere, as he only had sang the track a few times in the usa till then. During the gig he again talked in German to us....and everybody was enjoying his lovely German ;-)! The guys made a pretty good job once again, making a hot performing using all the stage for dancing jumping and so on. As the gig was over i met my pals again for a last talk till everybody had to take their train back home. That is all there is.

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05.11.01....after a 7 hour long trip by train i reached the Maimarkthalle in Mannheim at 1pm and met some good pals there, the waiting for the night was quite okay and the hours gone over really fast. at 6 it was time to run to the stage and again I was lucky and got my place in the second row, in front of Dave :-))))))), I was so excited! anyway a few minutes after 9pm the "real" party began. Easy Tiger - Dream On always mart ( these time dressed with a black shirt) and fletch joined the stage first, what a great feeling it was again, no matter of how many times I saw them already, it´s always again like seeing them the first time, words can´t express my feelings then/ The Dead Of Night ...Dave came on stage...everybody went mad in the hall, as always he mad a very powerful performance during the song... then he mentioned that there is no better place to end a tour than Germany :-)))/ The Sweetest Condition...he made a lot of sexy moves and lead us girls to the "higher goal" ;-))) / Halo...all the fans were singing loud to the track, Dave was smiling all the time and did sent a "hand kiss" in that moment I felt like "comatose-almost" ;-)) / Walking In My Shoes...just to good / Dream On... Dave was playing with his micro making "hot" poses and everybody in the hall was just "screaming" / When The Body Speaks ... one of my fave moments...Dave and mart together, smiling like angels and performing that wonderful track.... / Waiting For The Night To Fall ...with the famous "oooooooh" singing at the end, which we German fans just are "famous" for ;-))))) / Somebody...what a special moment and so highly enjoyed by everybody...during the track mart was playing with his voice and the melody, so wonderful / more "higher goal" / Freelove ...thousands (!!!) of balloons were waved and Dave's comment was "amazing moment, amazing" it was certainly one of the most "moving" moments of the show, Dave Mart and Fletch were deadly surprised about, you could see it in their faces, their eyes became bigger and bigger and Dave said 101 times thanks, he was damn moved by that! / Enjoy The Silence... no need to mention how fantastic it was, everybody was singing and the guys made a crazy performance to that song as well....during the song Dave was kissing martin ;-))) and after he sent a lot of "hand-kisses" to the fans/ I Feel You...there is just one word to say it was deadly HOT...Dave was busy with his hands ;-)))))))) , peter and fletch were rocking up as well in the background/ In Your Room ...great as always/ It's No was to good :-))))/ Personal Jesus ...during the "Lift Up The Receiver" verse a crew member came on stage with an about 2 meter tall balloon mobile phone, again everybody was celebrating to the song / World Full Of Nothing...I thought I was dreaming what a fucking great surprise....Martin introduced that song in German and said that it has been never played before ( well he forgot the violation tour ha ha ;-)))...). / Home...we fans had thousands of posters that were shown to the band during the encore (THANK YOU Depeche Mode). Martin was quite impressed after Home and said "Thank you too" / more special moment where you could feel all the love between dm and us fans. ....then Dave thanked the crew for their good job. / Black Celebration just got higher and higher / Never Let Me Down Again ...all crew members joined the band on stage for the hand waving part. as the song was over all came in front of the stage, holding each other and saying goodbye to us, it was a very emotional moment full love and devotion... i never before felt so much love coming from dm to there fans back. for me the gig was the best one i ever been to!


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