Dresden, Messehalle
 13th of January 2006



Around 10.30am I went to the hall  around 20 fans were there. The waiting was okay, though its been so damn cold, especially the last two hours been the hell, I couldn't feel my bones at all.  The hall was open at 5.30pm, and just as always the inlet was bad organised. I got a great place right side on the walkway, which was perfect. I was very happy and couldn't wait for the gig. At 8pm the support called "The Bravery" a young band from New York played a 30 minutes long set. They been pretty okay and did remind me a lot of "The Cure"!

At 9pm it was finally time to break the silence my "gods" came on stage and I completely lost control about myself. I mean its always such a special moment if you see them back again, after around 4 years when their latest gig in Europe been. I was deadly happy and couldn't help showing my joy.

I loved their show, Dave and Martin "played" with each other and even Fletch tried to be the entertainer, well he still needs some lessons, let me say *lol*! But anyway I enjoyed every little minute. They played around two hours and got a lot of love of their fans back. We been pretty loud and good in singing. I completely lost my voice now. The gig been a BOMB and I hardly can wait for tomorrow, when it's time for them to shake their asses in front of me again- live in Hamburg. so watch out for more lines ;-)....


T H E  S E T L I S T

A Pain That Iím Used To A magic moment, they came on stage
John The revelator will be single number4
A Question Of Time everybody was going crazy and jumping!
Policy Of Truth the first bomb song of my most loved "Violator"
Precious I more and more fall in love with this pearl...
Walking In My Shoes wished the would have played the KROQ version
Suffer Well certainly one of the fave new tracks for the fans...
Damaged People  loved it...
Home - the air mix version... Martin singing like an angel...
I Want It All - yes again and again :-D! the only question is
what :-D?

The Sinner In Me one of the best moments for me - SMILE! I love the song and  "rocked" like a crazy chick to it *lol*!  Just like Mart  did with his guitar & Dave with his micro ;-)!
I Feel You I missed his going on his knees this time...
Behind The wheel how long I waited for this moment - out of control once again...and the hall did "burn" like hell for excitement!
World In My Eyes "Oh Dresden I love you..." Dave said before the song! THE BEST MOMENT OF THE SHOW...Mr.Gahan was singing "your lips close to my lips" &  smiling so sweet that I completely was in flames  :-D....
Personal Jesus just as always the "Violator" songs rocked the hall!
Enjoy The Silence as in the past "Mr.Martin L.Gore"....Dave was introducing him during the song

Somebody - next time "Shake the disease" pls. Mr.Gore
Just Canít Get Enough - how fxxxxxx true it is ;-)))!  think they guys find it pretty funny to play the old track again. you could see them all "laughing" at the beginning.
Everything Counts LOVE THE BEGINNING OF IT !!!

Never let me down again  
Goodnight Lovers Mart and Dave singing together, one of the most emotional moments for all! What a gorgeous end.



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