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S E T L I S T :

01.In Chains
03.Hole To Feed
04.Walking In My Shoes
05.It's No Good
06.A Question Of Time
08.World in my eyes
09.One caress
11.Miles away
12.In Your Room
13.I Feel You
14.Policy Of Truth
15.Enjoy The Silence
16.Never Let Me Down Again
20.Personal Jesussssssssssssssssssssss


After a night at the hotel I went to the DM hotel saturday midday to meet my friend Linda there. lot of fans, more than 100 for sure, been waiting in front of it, with the hope to see depeche as well to sign their stuff. i know for security reasons dm used a other way to leave the hotel.

around 2pm i reached the arena, where my friend mags as well as the thueringer boys were waiting and welcome me. oh what a joy, even the sun was shining, which made the waiting for the inlet far more enjoyable as the day before.


around 6pm we were inside and we two girls had our place in the first row on the right side! Nitzer Ebb did a good job again, supporting DM and in one song the guy Jezz Web was joining them for a kind of duett lol! that really was great fun to see!


depeche started a few min after 9pm again and YES this time i could feel the MAGIC again!  dave looked far happier on stage as the night before, everybody there was smiling and enjoying to perform for us! there been lots of sweet moments, lot of hugs and kisses - i know they enjoyed the fact that the tour would end on one side, on the other side, they had so much fun together all the months and got so much love by all the devotees, it would be hard to get back home after all.


to get SOMEBODY live was a gift, even though many fans certainly had to think of ALAN's guest performance at the RAH  9 days before. PHOTOGRAPHIC was highly welcome and a small gift to us as well. at the end to see all the "DM COME BACK" signs was fantastic and I bet DM enjoyed the love they got on that way. all in all it was a MAGIC gig, a perfect end of the TOUR OF THE UNIVERSE! THANK YOU DEPECHE for the nice time and happiness you brought to my heart again !!!! so cant wait to see you COME BACK again!

by nadgahan March 2010 / Home