Berlin O2 Arena, Feb 21, 2009
Its been a great event and very special for me as two of my favourite bands were performing there! My sister and I were standing since around Midday in front of the hall, waiting for the inlet. met some old Insight pals of mine and time was running over fast! The inlet was more than horrible organised, nobody really knew where we had to run in the hall to get our front of stage place. We were standing first row right side at the end and been very happy, so a GREAT view for us and really close to our loved bands :)!


Amy Macdonald
Katy Perry
Udo Lindenberg
(the "old man still know how to have fun *lol*)
U2 (started the show and so rocked! )
Die Toten Hosen
Helene Fischer

Depeche Mode
(WRONG so kicked asses and Dave made a DEVIL performance again")
Paul Potts
(Wow what a voice)



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