Erfurt, Messehalle
 January 24th, 2006



Its been very cold that day and the long waiting in front of the Messehalle was a little hell! I was to relieved when they finally open the door for the inlet, which this time was good organised. I got my place in the first row again, close to the walk-way left side.  A few minutes after 9pm their show started. Around 12000 fans been there and Dave only needed a few minutes to have them all under his control. We've been very loud! This time he was dressed in black, which I found very HOT! Well let me say I already gave up the idea to see him dressed in all white again, which I would adore!

Fletch's wife been there and Dave was dedicating her :Precious!!! The funniest moment, been as they made a mistake during "Just can't get enough", I already had the hope that they had a small surprise for the fans, but no, "somebody" made a "bad" job *lol*! It was Christian Eigner, who made the fault, like Dave said a  little while later. I was amused about Dave's and Martin's one way "shocked" and one way "laughing" faces in this moment!

The song which I enjoyed most, been : World in my eyes - once again that track made me crazy. Dave made his best performance there, very sexy hot moves and even noises *ooh*!!! I LOVED IT! After the gig I met some pals of mine, we had some beers and enjoyed our dm-madness :-D! All together it was a cool night, a more than brilliant gig, which should be repeated very soon! Mannheim, in March...See you all then!


T H E  S E T L I S T

01 - Intro
02 - A Pain That I'm Used To
03 - John The  Revelator
04 - A Question Of Time
05 - Policy Of Truth
06 - Precious  
07 - Walking In My Shoes
08 - Suffer Well
09 - Damaged People
10  - Home     
11 - I Want It All
12 - The Sinner In Me
13 - I Feel  You
14 - Behind The Wheel 
15 - World In My Eyes 
16 - Personal Jesus 
17 - Enjoy The Silence
18 - Somebody 
19 - Just Can't Get Enough 
20 - Everything Counts

21 - Never Let Me Down Again
22 - Goodnight  Lovers



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