November 28 - 2009 
 S E T L I S T :
1.In Chains
3.Hole To Feed
4.Walking In My Shoes
5.It's No Good
6.A Question Of Time
8.World in my eyes
11.Miles away
12.In Your Room
13.I Feel You
14.Policy Of Truth
15.Enjoy The Silence
16.Never Let Me Down Again
17.One caress
19.Behind the wheel
20.Personal Jesus

by nadgahan / November 2009 / Home

Saturday  midday I reached the city met my friend Ute and we first went to the xmas market for a short look! right after a small lunch, it was time to join the other fans in front of the messehalle! about 100 already been waiting, including my friends jens, andre & denise! first thing to do shoting a group-photo together, as nowdays it not happens often to be all @ one place. weather been okay, waiting was long again and the following inlet one of the worst ever, the security had NO control about it at all.
everyone of us got a different place, i had my dearest spot again LOL! Soulsaver did the support one more time and it was ok. beside the crew  had problems with the big screen on the stage, it was not working right and they were busy to find the mistake til show started, but then they gave up LOL!

anyway it was one of the best gigs in germany, the gahan man was far more relaxed and finally you could feel again, how much pleasure he had to perform. on the other side, i got the feeling he doesn't liked to be filmed by fans! also the security taked a lot care about it this time, which wasnt the case on all the other shows before.

david did a mistake during STRIPPED - wrong lyrics in the middle of song and kept silent, let the fans help him out, one more time, HA! during WORLD IN MY EYES he reached out and touched a few lucky people at the end of the catwalk. which at least in germany, was for the first time.


well the audience was BRILLIANT, so loud and devoted from beginning til the end. marts songs INSIGHT as well ONE CARESS been the most beautiful moments of that night. and the singing along after HOME was simply amazing! all in all the gig was a real bomb! thanks for the fun guys!!! see you next in nürnberg!