Hamburg, C. Arena
 15th of January 2006



Alright concert number two on this tour for me. WOW... I donīt wanna repeat myself every time, when it comes to depeche mode but it really been fantastic. I still feel like heaven! Oh men you rule my heart & soul, all I wanna do is see you, don't you know that its true ;-)!?!?!? Well.. the inlet was better organised this time and the people of the area, been very caring about the fans! I got my place in the first row between Martin and Dave. So I was able to make a lot of brilliant photos, which should tell you a bit about the night, you know that "words are very unnecessary", right :-)!?

So you can get your own picture. The set list hasn't changed as far as I can remember, well except one song by Martin! The concert been great, the crowd very devoted and loud again! For me its time for a small break now, see you in Berlin, two days! so watch out...more will follow!








T H E  S E T L I S T

01 - Intro
02 - A Pain That I'm Used To
03 - John The  Revelator
04 - A Question Of Time
05 - Policy Of Truth
06 - Precious 
07 - Walking In My Shoes
08 - Suffer Well
09 - Macro
10  - Home
11 - I Want It All
12 - The Sinner In Me
13 - I Feel  You
14 - Behind The Wheel
15 - World In My Eyes
16 - Personal Jesus 
17 - Enjoy The Silence  
18 - Somebody 
19 - Just Can't Get Enough 
20 - Everything Counts
21 - Never Let Me Down Again
22 - Goodnight  Lovers

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