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RTL Punkt12 
1.June 1993
RTL2 June 1993
Premiere Special `93

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Bild Hannover

DEVOTIONAL TOUR - Hannover Garbsen 31.May 1993

It's a long time ago and the gig was my first concert ever. I can't remember a lot of things, but it's been very moving and changed a lot of my "being a fan"!  I felt in love with  the new longhair Dave and  went crazy for his HOOOT performance! The only negative point of the gig  it was raining!


Setlist: Higher love, Policy of truth, World
in my eyes, Walking in my shoes, Behind the
wheel, Halo, Stripped, Condemnation,
Judas, Deaths door, Get right with me,
I feel you, Never let me down again, Rush,
In your room, Personal jesus, Enjoy the silence,
Fly on the windscreen,  Everything counts

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