November 3rd  2009 

S E T L I S T :
- In Chains
- Wrong
- Hole To Feed
- Walking In My Shoes
- It's No Good
- A Question Of Time
- Precious
- Fly On The Windscreen
- Dressed in black
- Home
- Miles Away / The Truth Is
- Policy Of Truth
- In Your Room
- I Feel You

- Enjoy The Silence
- Never Let Me Down Again
- A question of lust
- Stripped
- Behind The Wheel
- Personal Jesus

Totu gig nr. 8 on the way for me, in Hannover, actually not to far away from home :)! reached the hall at 1pm and straight met a friend of mine! about 40 fans been there waiting for the inlet. it was a cold day but still NO RAIN - which was simply LUCK! a good point to mention, we were able to use the toilets in the hall, which rarely happens, before any inlets. BIG thanks for that.
at 6.30pm the inlet started and I got my fave place at the beginning of the catwalk, first row right side. simply the best view you can have, in my eyes, cos you see all perfectly and DONT miss a thing! HAPPY NAD again :)! at 8pm the SOULSAVERS joined stage and made their 30min long performance. Though I didnt liked them at the first shows, I start to enjoy them now.

few minutes after 9pm finally depeche came on stage! hell yes fans were going mad again. lots of press photographer in the hall doing photos of dave during the first songs. did we expected any surprises? not really LOL! but well there was little Mart giving us the best gift so far "dressed in black" - WOW what a beautiful version, he easily got all the fans singing with him, we did a quite good job and everybody there was enjoying it endless. for me one of the hightlights of the tour so far. I'm glad to have filmed it, it was such a special wonderful moment :)! in addition it showed again, the gore man is and stays the sweetest perfection! thanks for the smiles and laughs! I love you!


the rest of the show, was quite the same like the ones before, still its not the same dave like on the open air part of the tour. i still miss his interacting more with the fans, he hardly had said a word to us and i didnt really felt his joy during the performance like in hamburg for examble! anyway still he did a HOT job ;)! all in all i pretty enjoyed the show! cant wait for mannheim! cu see there again! oh yes and thanks for the setlist paper, dear sound-man :-*!

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