Depeche Mode came without Martin to the German IFA (international wireless /TV exhibition). They been guest of the German TV station RTL. There was a little stage and DM should get the "Gold-award" for the good selling of their "Ultra" album. Many fans were arriving in the early morning, like me and my friend around 9AM... and waited untill 5 PM, then Dave and Fletch came finally on stage, there must have been around 200(?) fans, they all were screaming like crazy for joy. A guy from the RTL crew interviewed Depeche, asked question about a possible tour. Then a TV-woman were giving Dave and Fletch the gold-award for Ultra! The man from RTL had about 10 signed ULTRA cds to give away, all the devotees went mad, as everybody wanted to get one of them. Its been a real fight ;-)! Dave and Fletch must have been on stage maybe for about 10 minutes only, then they went backstage to give interviews to other TV stations as well journalists!



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RTL Punkt6
 - 1.September 1997
Viva News - 1.September

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