Leipzig, Festwiese
15th of July 2006 


Ooooooh god, now its over no depeche mode concert in front of me for years! That was the last gig in Germany on the "Touring the angel"! How should I survive??? I had so much fun this year, that I could carry on that endless party!  I don't wanna think about it at all, how long I have to wait now, to see them again! Anyway lets enjoy all the nice memories in my heart and mind now. Lets talk about the concert, lets talk about sex *lol*! Well sexy Dave Gahan, sweet Mr.Gore and my good old  Andy "Fletch" Fletcher... I should say *g*!

Once again its been a long hot day with lots of sun shine, perfect to get a perfect sun burn *suffering*! A lot of fans been in front of the "Festwiese" at midday already and waited for open the gates, which been at 4.30pm! As always I got my place right side, where the walkway started, first row! *GREAT*! its been a great help for us, that the guys from the security gave us water to drink, which was highly welcome by this hot temperatures.


This time they had two support bands, the name of the first one I forgot already*ooops*, well they must be pretty new. Their songs been okay, though every one was sounding like the others. Then Goldfrapp made her 30minutes long set again! A few minutes after 9.00pm Depeche finally came on stage! The gig been great as always, people enjoyed it, were singing and dancing! Dave sometimes looked a bit "tired" that night, donīt know! Anyway there been some sweet moments which will be stuck in my mind forever. Just like as Gahan and Gore rocked together back to back at the end of "John the revelator", when Dave was smiling and Martin "showing is tongue" at least for 10 seconds *lol*! Oh hopefully somebody has filmed that, its been to funny! Beside my favourite moments been: the first two songs of the set, "Stripped"; "In your room", "Nothing's impossible and "Photographic! Mart must have decided during the gig to play "Somebody" instate of "Leave in silence! as I got the Set list paper again from the camera-guy and there was written on "Leave in silence"! The question is, how many fans been there? It must have been around 60 000!

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