June  8th  2009 

S E T L I S T :

1.In Chains
3.Hole To Feed
4.Walking In My Shoes
5.It's No Good
6.A Question Of Time
8.Fly On The Windscreen
10.A Question Of Lust
11.Come Back
13.In Your Room
14.I Feel You
15.Policy Of Truth
16.Enjoy The Silence
17.Never Let Me Down Again

19.Master And Servant

21.Personal Jesus
22.Waiting For The Night


well i reached the city around 11.30 taken straight the SB to the stadion, but STOP on the way i was seeing FLETCH in front of the hotel, i was so surprised, i really didnt knew that their hotel is there. so i went out of the SB and gone to the "Fürstenhof"! there been about 20 fans waiting, Fletch smoked and went inside again, after about 45 min they all came out, dave, mart, fletch, security and so on and went to their waiting cars. we hadnt a chance to talk to them. it was a short but nice moment, then they were winking us from the car inside.


so finally around 1.15pm i reached the stadion and saw my friend waiting there. so i joined him. lots of fans been there already more than 100 for sure. time was running fast. then a pal from italy came to say hello (Frine ;) it was nice to meet you girl!)the inlet started early, at 4pm i already had my place, at the beginning of the catwalk, right side, first row, perfect just like almost on every concert of the TTA! I was happy and thankful.


so it was time to wait - 2 support bands on the way, not bad at all! Polarkreis 18 I liked most.
when they were over, people started to make lots of noise as well "la-ola" in the stadion it was great and i already felt like I'm losing controle! at 9.10pm FINALLY "in chains" started! what a moment full of emotions! they came on stage and the "party" started!


dave was looking brilliant, not sick at all, very happy, sweet and HOT! my fave moments been: fly on the windscreen, wow I so love this song, "enjoy the silence" which so moved me, that all my feelings came out, tears tears lots of tears LOL! "master and servant" - how cool to hear this OLD track and of course "stangelove" - will you give it to me dave ;D?!


all in all it was a WILD night LOL, jumped, screamed, danced so much, being for sure the happiest girl on planet. lots of sweet moments, lots of hot moves by the gahan man! what can i ask more ;D? See you in Berlin tomorrow!

by nadgahan June 2009 / home