Hidden Houses me in the first row, in front of Dave, how exciting :-) Hold On ..just toooo beautiful  Dirty Sticky Floors everybody was singing with Mr.Gahan A Question Of Time was rocking the "masses" Black And Blue Again it was just to cool seeing Dave again playing mouth organ  Stay  one of the most emotional moments of the gig, A Little Piece ... since i heard it live I canīt get enough of it!  Walking In My Shoes ...great as always  I Need You all the fans were JUST singing again and again "I need you, I need you..." ;-) Bottle Living having the best place, I could really rock to it, how cool it was Personal Jesus there is no doubt one of the highlights for everybody   Goodbye .... never say goodbye to us David ---pls!  ;-)) I Feel You,  yeah I felt his rising sun,  hee hee ;-)! Never Let Me Down Again  itīs party time ;-) Policy of truth wow what a cool version it was! Enjoy The Silence ...no need to say hat this song is one of the best ever, to hear it live once again, made my heart cry for joy!!  

...Leipzig 1.July 2003...Paper Monsters Tour...

the photo is by: www.davegahan.com

some days later I found the pix on Daveīs homepage. I was deadly surprised and happy  to see "us" on it. look in the first row/left side, there you can see Chrischi, Denise, ME ;-)...and Andre! wow what a cool "souvenir" ;-) to have!