May 6th 2009

LUST IN LUX : review by my precious friend MAGS 

Rockhal is at 40 minutes by train from Luxemburg city and 2 stations away from Oberkorn
(“It’s a small town” *lol*)  
3:00 PM : Lots of people there already, including Space and FB friends ;D (Hey girls !!)

4:00 PM : My fellow travellers are finally there !

Well 3 of them :D – they ABSOLUTELY  wanted to go to Oberkorn, just to see how it looks :D! The 2 others wanted to meet the

band at their hotel before the show. But still no news about Juju. 

5:45 PM : Juju is finally here !! :D Somewhere. :-/ 6:00 PM : Doors open !! YEAAAAH !!! :D

Ok, no bottles, no food, not allowed to run… WOOHOO ! Left side, in front of Dave's micstand !
6 people between me and first row BUT only 3 on the catwalk side
à definitely gonna see Dave
(and his delicious apples :p) The stage is just like the first pix we saw few days before.

Preshow music is cool, it’s like the TTA preshow music.

7:30 PM : MOTOR Very cool at the beginning (their music was on the previous preshow set) but they quickly became very annoying.

Too bad. 8:30 PM : Now waiting for the Boyz.

Preshow music is still really cool and still more and more “powerful”. As the crew does its job
on the stage, something is happening on the big ball/screen up there : the new DM logo appears
and gets around. How great ! We’re all more and more excited ! LOL 

9:00 PM : Suddenly, lights are down. HERE THEY ARE !!!

Peter ! Fletch ! Christian ! Mart ! and… And... AND… DAAAAAAAAAAVE !!!!!

Hhmmmm sexy as HELL in his black stage suit (with the glittering vest LOL, no jacket :p).

Mart is all shiny again and Fletch is Fletch but in a very sexy way.

I’m kinda sad though : no thong ! LMAO.

Anton’s vids are very “Anton’s” and that’s really cool.

Seems like Dave has some new very sexy moves (or is it just me, very excited ? LMAO).

Oh and he’s even sighing, or maybe moaning now… This is sooooooo HOOOOOOOOT !

 “GOOD EVENING LUXEMBUUUUUUURG !!” (à “Question of Time”)

Oh God this still works very well on me, still does it !

And the vest is out !! :DDDD Hhmmmmm, the hand going down, slowly from the chest to Little One…Oooooooooh the grabbing !!! :p :p :p :p :DDDDD

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaah Dave touching, caressing his body again…. “Fly on the Windscreen”. “Come here, touch me, NOW !” Oh God I so wanted to !!

LMAO Now Mart alone. - “Jezebel”. I almost cry. I was holding my “Oh My GORE !” sign but I was too shy to show it as 

Mart was walking and doing his magic act on the catwalk. “Question of Lust”. God that song is beautiful !

Dave is back with his vest on. Still screaming my ass off as he touches himself LMAO.

“Master and Servant” is a killer with those new moves.

Encore. - The Boyz are back and Dave is wearing a black vest now, Singles Tour like. I don’t

know why but he looks very “muscular” in that outfit. And there’s a big smile on his face :D,
a very sexy smile :DD, a smile that kills me :DDD.

OMG ! The projection during “Strangelove” is so DIRTY !! :p

Anton said later (backstage – to my fellow travellers – lucky guys :D) that it is from a
70’s fetishist (porn) movie :p - Maybe that’s why Dave was so smiling ;D

The video during “Personal Jesus” was also very funny, especially during the Fletch’s parts LOL.

And then the Boyz (Mart and Dave) went down the catwalk.

And then I was very sad because that meant it was the end of the show.

“Waiting for the night” was magical. A big guy in my area faint during the song.

The Boyz were so connected, it was very moving. It seemed that the time just stopped for 4
minutes. The crowd was quiet, too moved to say or sing a thing (almost). Every single person
was listening religiously. Even the cameras stopped “flashing” for a minute (only one because
we all wanted to capture that moment to keep it, to take a piece of it).

Dave gave such a big hug to Mart OMG I almost cried ! :DDD

I think they were crying too :DDD


This is it then, this is over… I want to cry. I’m crying.

Anyway, it was the BEST birthday party I ever had !! :DDD

And 2 new posters for me ! Too many people to buy anything else (Oooh I like the bag !
Oh and that t-shirt ! And the mug ! Oh I need the mug ! Ooooh and the Tour book of course…
Oh and the keyring too !! Ooooh the badges ! They’re cool… LOL)


Too bad that Nad wasn’t there, too bad that I haven’t seen Juju at all, not even Fabrice or
Stéphane… Well guys, they are plenty of other shows where we all be together again ;D

 PS : I'm sorry if there's some mistakes about the hours but i'm not wearing a watch since months now LOL

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