What a GORGEOUS experience it  was! WOW... this woman knows how to party! After a almost 90 min long sound check, when you also could hear Madonna singing,at 6pm the inlet been. I got my place on the left walkway, where she would perform "Like a virgin" later! There been 3 walkways, the one of the middle was the longest! The stage been so big and beautiful!

As support she had Paul O. as DJ who made a pretty good job! By the way, before he started they played "just can't get enough" which was s sign for me, I'm sure *lol*...not to forget my holy depeche mode *lol*!

Madonna started her show at 9pm and been on stage for 2hours without a break. She changed her clothes a few times. One of the  highlights for me been "Like a virgin" when she was in front of me, not even 2 meter away. It was fantastic to see her so close. WOW...what a great looking woman she is, full of power and very beautiful as well! She's 48 years old and you hardly can believe it! She had a lot of young dancer on stage, whom gave all their best. I think the best is, if you have a look at all the pictures. If you have a chance to see her, USE IT! The gig been worth every cent I paid! I'm still highly impressed and won't ever forget that great concert, which is now  THE BEST I ever been to! 40 000 fans been in the AWD arena!



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August 2006 - nadgahan