MAGDEBURG  15.11.03

Dave Gahan - solo

It's been a special event for me, simply, as the city is close to my homedown, so I felt like hes playing in my living room ;-)! Around midday we reached the hall, which was early enough to get a great place in the first row. "All I ever wanted"!

Dirty sticky floors "good evening Magdeburg", Hidden houses, Black and blue again "you know im not very nice" oh thats not true David ;-) A question of time, Bitter apple, A little piece singing "sugar kisses" at the end and smiling at ME *oh* ....Useless, I need you, Walking in my shoes , Bottle living he made a pretty horny laugh at the beginning Personal Jesus "you are very kind,  thank you so much" Goodbye.... 

1.ENCORE: Hold on,  I feel you playing with the microphone so dirty ;-) Never let me down again yep pls. never do!!!

2.ENCORE: "youve been a lovely audience, absolute beautiful " he said, Dream On "oh yes, marvelous" Policy of truth, Enjoy the silence as always the  highlight inclu. Just Can't Get Enough

For me the gig been the BEST concert  of all "Paper Monsters Tour" gigs  Ive seen!!! I hope to see Depeche someday  playing here, giving their best as well !!!