SAP Arena
 March 11th,  2006



After a 7 weeks long break it was finally time for concert number5. Gosh.. I felt like going to the first gig on the tour again! The long waiting been pretty nerving once again, as the weather been simply the ugliest, which could have been, including a lot of rain, snow, stormy wind and cold temperatures. Just as always the inlet been the next "hell", bad organised and sometimes I just could have killed the people of the security service, I mean some of them were acting like they are the kings of the world :-/! I got my place first row on the right side, where the walkway started! *perfect*!:-)

Anyway lets forget all the shit before and start to talk about the gig, which been simply "Precious"! WOW...from the beginning on, you could feel that it becomes something special! All the people been in the best of mood, singing, screaming so loud, dancing and showing their love for the band. Dave, Martin & Fletch gave their best as well, so it could just be one of the best shows of the tour!!! !!!

I was very happy see Martin performing "Leave in silence", when the stage was in red light, which was one of the best moments. After the song, everybody in the hall was still singing "ooooohoooooooo...." for a while and Dave played the "boss" of the chorus ;-)!

The fans made two surprises for the band, once by "Just can't get enough" they showed big papers with the words "We just can't get enough" and by the refrain of "Never let me down again", we all were waving our arms with  "neon-lights" in the hands, its a pity that the light of the hall was on, otherwise the "picture" would have been even more fascinating. The band enjoyed their surprises and said thanks a few times.

The gig been perfect and just made me feel "I want more" ;-)! Seems like "I just can't get enough" are the right words" to describe what I do feel at the moment. Thanks to the dear camera man, I finally got one of the "set list-papers" *hihi*! You can see here! Anyway my dear Depeche guys, to use Dave's words: "See you in summer"! :-)


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