November 7th  2 0 0 9 

S E T L I S T :

- In Chains
- Wrong
- Hole To Feed
- World In My Eyes
- Walking In My Shoes
- A Question Of Time
- Precious
- Fly On The Windscreen
- Sister Of Night
- Home
- Miles Away / The Truth Is
- Policy Of Truth
- It's No Good
- In Your Room
- I Feel You
- Enjoy The Silence
- Never Let Me Down Again

- Dressed In Black
- Stripped
- Behind The Wheel
- Personal Jesus


by nadgahan / Nov 2009 / Home

From midday on we were waiting in front of the hall, it was a very cold/wet day! the Inlet was okay, got my fave place again, thanks "god"! another GREAT show was following!
the highlights for me: WORLD IN MY EYES... WOW somehow i was expecting it, to see them playing it! i mean there were rumours that they would change the setlist a little and WIME was always great fun to perform for dave! I so loved it! then  a amazing version of SISTER OF NIGHT by mr.wonderful Gore, that guy knows how to make you "Begging for more", so faszinating! Mart so gives the gigs now the special touch or lets even call it MAGIC!