one night with martin l gore
Hamburg 26.04.2003 

once again it was time to for a unique event in my life being a "crasy"depeche mode fan :-)! it was a fight to get tickets for the gig as only two gigs in germany were planed in small clubs! but i´ve been successfull, thanks god :-))! on saturday the 26.april it was time to go to hamburg for " A NIGHT WITH M.L GORE" !!!! i´ve been so nervous the days before and couldn´t wait for it.

i arrived the hall around midday, but as there only been a few fans waiting yet i went to a pub, which was on the other street-side, so i could check out...when more fans were coming. i stayed there about 2 hours. till i saw that some pals of mine were coming. so i joined them and the waiting in the front of the doors were starting. around 5pm it started to rain like crasy... and we all went  wet. which did remind me of the U2 gig in berlin 2001. at 7pm doors were open and i´ve been lucky enough to get a place in the first the best one you can get, to be as close as possible to mr. Gore :-))))! at 7.15 the dj...started his work...!

at 8.05pm Martin already started ... :-)))))! In my time of well..Stardust...the first two tracks of the counterfeit2 cd....! Mart came on stage, wearing a jeansjacket, shirt...und a hot leather-trouser ...he looked pretty hot that night ;-))))).....! the first time i´ve seen a "wedding-ring" on his hands, i think on the last tours he never had one. I cast a lonesome shadow...i felt like dreaming all this Only when I lose myself in my minds Dave was joining him ;-))) Sweetest perfection ...i must confess this song i donīt like to much in the orignial version but live it was GREAT...I adored the guitar-parts at the end...Coming back to you oh did anybody ever expect to hear that beautiful song live? i didn´t and so I was highly expressed as well excited. By this river Martin singing...and Peter on the piano only...a very emotional moment Lost in the stars ...huuuuuuu how beautiful it was...In your room oh at the beginning i was asking myself, which song it could be? it was also a accoustic version..., i also remember here that all the fans were singing the refrain very loud and in a "harsh" way which was pretty cool Walking in my shoes one more track which normally Dave would was faszinating to hear mr.Gore´s voice these Martin in Hamburgtime Never turn your back on mother earth a moment where my heart was crying for joy...Surrender WOW ...a electronic-version...which i adore, as the version of the "Exciter Tour" was more a accoustic one...The love thieves here i felt like has been one of the highlights for sure...i just wanted more of it...Candy says...a very emotional performance by Martin...!


he left the stage then..and people went mad...screaming for more ;-))))....! time for the encore tracks: Loverman fans were singing all the song long, mart did it in a quite "lusty" way...which the girls made getting crazy ;-)))) including, ha! A question of lust one more song which made my heart smile and many eyes just were full with tears...! here now the last song was expected but no he went to Peter and told him that he wants to play one more track tonight Condemnation of course everybody just got terrible excited about it and as Mart did performe it the first time ever in Europe it was something special!!! Shake the disease the last and the BIGGEST bomb ....people went mad...joined Marts´singing...and everybody was clapping with the hands in the tact of the refrain which was "crazy" and Mart been so excited and made it as well...with a huge laugh...and smile in his face. 

all in all the concert for me was UNIQUE! to life mr. Gore in a fucking great mood, smiling ;-))), making jokes...talking to us between every single song, making poses...and highly enjoyed the night i bet! it´s been something else to a depeche mode gig. it´s been more familiar, as it was a club-gig! my god...what a very great singer he is... okay we always knew that he has a beautiful voice...but to hear him 90 minutes long "playing" with his voice...sometimes singing in a soft way, then in a lusty way...or very harsh and devotional...! i´ve been highly impressed by the night and deeply hope...that it wasn´t the last one with mr. Gore solo-performance!




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