- My meet & greet with depeche mode  - 
10.04.1997 London Adrealine Village-


Hmm... how can I start to tell you all about my meeting with the best band ever? I was the lucky winner of a competition ( from the magazine JAM ) here in Germany and so I won the trip to London, to meet DM there. The Ultra release party started at 8 pm. We've seen Dave as first. though he had a terrible time behind him, he was looking gorgeous !!! Some minutes later Martin and Fletch came together and went to the backstage room. They smiled to us, `cos me and Denise (I could take a friend with me ) made so much noise for joy and happiness. At 9 pm, it was the time to meet the guys. I can't describe what I felt in this moment, to stand between the two men I love so much. Dave and Martin were smiling so sweet, as I took them both in my arms for joy! Now many people start to make photos. Some minutes later other fans joined the band, all winners of competition from different countries. Then we rush run to the stage, where later DM gave a little concert. We stand right before Dave, around a half meter remote from him only! They started with BARREL OF A GUN.

I could touch him, as he was so close to us, what a nice pleasure it was! A few times I had his hand in mine, all was like a wonderful dream. Then they played USELESS; IT'S NO GOOD; HOME and a surprise for all NEVER LET ME DOWN AGAIN ! During HOME, Dave was sitting behind Martin on a box, smoking and observating us... the fans, as we always shouted his name and sang loud with! The whole show was amazing though you could feel that Dave was nervous, I mean it was the first little concert after almost 3 years. As it was over, we run to the backstage room back and talked a bit with a security guy and he was so kind to give us the permission to go in!












There were around 20 people, all circle from the Modes, we seen Jack (Dave's son, he looks like Dave), Silvia (Dave's mum) and I think his brother and their families. We waited some minutes then Dave came into the room, we asked him for autographs! After he went to Jack. He was such a sweet little fragile boy. It was so sweet to see Dave with his son together, they played computer games and laughed a lot, about a hour long, then the two left the room, we decided to stay there and guess what, Dave came back and was sitting right beside us on the bar, again I felt like dreaming all this. A hour later he left again the room, we followed him....then we met Martin and asked him for a autograph! I showed him a photo, where he is almost naked, he started to laugh and signed it for me (you can see it here) . Then he showed the photo to his wife Susanne. He was so funny, lovely and sweet, like a 18 years old boy, honest, not like a 35 old man (1997!)! He was a bit drunken later and so he danced there most of the time which was toooo funny! The rest of the night we always seen one of the guys and at 2 am the party was over! I know, it sounds like a dream but all is the policy of truth and I still can't believe how many luck we had! I'll never ever forget that day!!!!!!!

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