J u n e  13th  2009 

S E T L I S T :

1.In Chains
3.Hole To Feed
4.Walking In My Shoes
5.It's No Good
6.A Question Of Time
8.Fly On The Windscreen
10. HOME

11.Come Back
13.In Your Room
14.I Feel You
15.Policy Of Truth
16.Enjoy The Silence
17.Never Let Me Down Again
19.Master And Servant

21.Personal Jesus
22.Waiting For The Night

FINALLY Mags and I could enjoy together a dm show and yes we were lucky enough to stand front row, OH JOY ;)! It was a MAGIC show again, DM did a good job, especially Dave! We were very lucky that night he was in front of us so often and really PLAYING with his "Dirty Angels" LOL!
The audience was the worst ever in my eyes, you hardly saw/heard any feedback! Sometimes I felt like being the only one, who really was PARTYING with Dave and co. But OH WELL I had my fun, so who cares about the rest - HaHa!


Finally the setlist changed a bit, Martin was singing HOME this time! Beautiful as always! I hope some more changes will follow in the future of TOTU! All in all I had once again a brilliant time, meeting my girls Mags and Maria as well meeting the boys Andre & Jens again! CU all hopefully soon again! Now its time to wait for the HAMBURG show  July 1st!

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