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Much more in München -   review by mags
It's like I have been to that city already. Didn't get lost at all ! Anyway as long as there is a
subway, I feel like home *lol*. 3:30 PM So, everything goes as planned, arriving at the Olympiastadion quite early (as early as I could).  Of course Nad is already there and gives me a warm welcome.
Two Dirty Angels for a hell of a show ! :D And the waiting starts : pain, pain, pain, edginess, pain, pain,pain, excitment, and more and more pain for me... :-X "Pain and suffering in various tempo",
I'm such a real DM fan here !! *lol*

Now the gates open : WOW ! I've never seen people running so fast ! *lol* . There almost are fights at every "check point" on the way to the Erste Absperrung.
Luckily, Nad CAN run (not like me :p), so she does. And we get the best point of view on the stage:
first row, right side, on the corner WOOHOO !!!
Another set of waiting. Less pain for me as I can be sitting on the ground for a while *lol*.
Maria suddenly appears. And now that's three Dirty Angels together :D
Crowd looks (and sounds like) sleepy today. No big noise, no clapping...
7:10 PM Time to get up ! 7:30 PM M83 ? Pretty cool ! But honestly, kinda boring, that's
not what we want ! *lol* Pain again... always pain...
Last set of waiting, the most exciting one. From our point of view, we can see what's happening behind the scene, backstage. Suddenly the Boyz are there : "traditional" hug, same old ritual. Dave looks very happy, excited and is grinning a lot ! 8:45 PM OH MY GOD ! HERE WE GO ! :D
Fletch sees someone familiar to him in the crowd in our area and points at him (or her). Cool start.
I don't want to take a lot of pix this time, I just wanna enjoy the show for once.
But Dave is doing so many sexy moves, I HAVE to take my camera *LOL*.
As he "failed" the intro of "It's no good" in Berlin and Frankfurt, I'm kinda hoping he will do the same
tonight in Munich so I start filming the song. But he does it right this time. Good boy ! :D
And don't think that filming this is a total waste of time : Dave is doing one of the best "strip-tease" he  ever made (Oh My Sexy Gahan !) plus some of the sexiest smiles he's able to give and one of the sweetest kiss and dirty tongue. "A question of time" : One more grabbing in my, OUR, personal
collection and... Oh dear God !! Is  that really happening ?? Dave is looking right at us !! And is
giving us Oh God ! Oh Gahan ! One of his  funniest face expression ! Check the vid and enjoy !
(don't drool too much). Is it just me or the man is moaning a lot more than in Luxembourg ? I'm not
complaining. *LMAO* "Jezebel" Oh Mart we love you !!! Oh My Gore !! "Home" What a nice surprise !
It's always a pleasure to ear and sing (sorry for that *lol*) that song, one of my all time favorite.
"Peace" Finally a great, a real communion ! That last performance is absolutely
perfect ! Dave is very moved. Well, I can only see his (wonderful) ass, but I know he's very happy.
"Policy of truth" Oh My Gahan ! That's what I call an ass-shaking ! :DD *LMAO*
I think that Dave is also talking a lot more now, asking us more often how we feel and stuff. That's good."Enjoy the silence" Folks, and by that I mean Dirty Angels, next time, please focus on Dave's little dance during that song. It's so worth it !! It's like a mix of all his best moves. Except for the grabbing *lol*.
I'm just realizing that Dave isn't completely half-naked tonight.
And by the way, I'm sorry if I'm only mentioning Dave's moves, I'm hardly looking at the others *LMAO* Is Fletch really here ?? I can't tell *ROFL* "Never let me down again" We NEVER let you guys down !
(Am i repeating myself ?? *lol*) From where I am, I don't see, can't see, the arm waving... But I so
can see Dave's apples again ! :D As the Boyz are leaving the stage, Nad and I are showing our
"Oh My Gore !" signs. I'm pretty sure  Mart saw us because he's laughing now.
"Waiting for the night" Sigh... what to say... just thrilling...
"Good night, thank you ! We'll see you next time !" That's so right !

Last talk with Maria, little chat with Fabrice, Anthony, Marco and guest (*lol*) my french mates, Munich's "Limited edition" poster bought, great time with Nad and Karin at the Main Station (what a laugh girls !!)... God I love my life !!
Talking about thrilling, now that I'm typing this, I'm still trying to remember when exactly this happened.
Let me tell you : during one song (God which one ?? *lol*), the guy that stood next to Nad showed a
big flag to Dave. Earlier, photographs took his pic (local paper ?). I couldn't read what was written on it but who cares *lol*.Dave saw his flag, gave him a big smile (aaawwww :DDD), 2 finger-peace and... as he coudn't have missed at all our "Oh My Gahan !" signs we were holding, he grinned and even started laughing. We were on cloud 9 !! :D  
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