June 28th 2009






Happy in Nancy - REVIEW BY MAGS
First thing, not miss the "FV bus", "The Bus Of The Universe" to go to Nancy (283 km from
Paris). My dear French fan board had organised the trip for the bravest of us. Felt like
our own "101 fans trip" LOL. The travel was delicious : old DM vids, so precious (aaawww
baby Dave, baby Fletch :DD), lots of fans on the road at every stop we made and the loveliest
"bus mate" I could have next to me. We spend the all thing (trip/waiting/concert) together.
We finally arrived at 4 PM (so after 6 hours). HEAT ! HEAT ! HEAT !
Second part : the waiting.
Except "HEAT !" I have nothing to say about it ! LOL Oh no wait, at one moment (5 PM ?),
we saw the Boyz' cars arriving. Big grins on our faces. :D

Third part : the show.
Pretty much the same thing than yesterday in Paris (read the review again LOL) but we were
only 20 000 this time. 20 000 but same noise. Same setlist too :-/
Same moving moment at the end of "Home" but we sang it better and longer. Same wet
eyes for the Boyz. :p By the way, the Boyz looked so much more happy, maybe because their
famillies were still there with them... and/or because we were just the best audience they ever
saw LMAO. Noticeable moments ? Dave (or maybe it was Christian ?) went wrong at the
beginning of "Peace". That made me laugh. Same biggest smile on Dave's face during
. Maybe he was thinking about actually strip in front of us LOL. Dave also did his
deadly "Snake dance" during "Enjoy the silence", the one that put me on the floor begging
for more. And maybe that means that I'm officially crazy but (again) I SWEAR I heard him say
"Oh My Gahan !" during "Strangelove" ! Unless it was a basic "Oh My God !" LMAO
One thing had changed : I was at the end of the catwalk, on the left side. Great view on Dave's
and Mart's nose hairs LMAO.
Last part : going back home.
Due to the Zénith's organisation and to our bus driver's timetable, we had to wait until 1 AM to
go back on the road. So we chat a little bit more about the show, our brand new pix and vids,
and the rest of our personal Tour of the Universe.
I have very few memories about the back trip. I wasn't really sleeping but I was definitely not
awake LOL. All I know is that we almost had an accident because the bus driver was as sleepy
as we were LMAO. We were supposed to be in Paris at 5 AM, we were actually back at 7 AM.
Back in Paris, back to reality, on our way to work for some of us, the dream we were in these
last 2 days was officially over. That was the most tiring weekend I ever had but it so
worthed it !! :D
Next step : Valladolid (Spain).

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