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by nadgahan / December 2009 / Home

OH MY GORE - yeah thats right lol! 
what a great day it was, even if i had a crazy trip by train behind me, where nothing really went right lol! who fxxxxxx cares. i reached the arena around 1pm and met a friend of mine, about 50 fans must have been there already, it was raining! first time on tour i needed to use my umbrella LOL! again i didnt cared i knew i would have my fun again later, when I see my loved depeche men AGAIN right from front of stage :P!

got my favourite spot again first row and was the happiest nad :D! "soulsavers" made a good warm up one more time, i really like them now, in fact the singer got a GREAT voice and somehow interesting personality ;)! I like the strange way he moved LOL! again the crew had their work with the big video screen, there was a little mistake to see again, like in erfurt. this time they found it so when dm started all was perfect.


short moment after 9pm they came on stage! gave a GREAT gig one more time. i must say i cared lot about mr.gore that night and so you will see most pix are of him! his songs were the highlights again and i sooooo loved it to sing with him, just like at the end of HOME eye in eye :-P! his INSIGHT is a killer as well, i think he never before sang so beautiful like @ TOTU! I'm in love or what LOL????

dave, fletch, christian and peter made a great job as well. any more highlights to mention? i dont think so, if it was your 11th show of the tour, then you simply know what comes next LOL! but really still I so love it to see them and already looking forward to my next show in berlin in january! the audience was good but not one of the best anyway! GREAT night and looking forward to continue!