October 31st  2009 
 S E T L I S T :

- In Chains (Same Intro)
- Wrong
- Hole To Feed
- Walking In My Shoes
- It's No Good
- A Question Of Time
- Precious
- Fly On The Windscreen
- Freelove
- Home
- Miles Away / The Truth Is
- Policy Of Truth
- In Your Room
- I Feel You
- Enjoy The Silence
- Never Let Me Down Again

- Somebody
- Stripped
- Behind The Wheel
- Personal Jesus

Saturday, FINALLY time for the next TOTU gig, start of the indoor tour in Germany! OH YES I was to excited! in addition i finally could see/meet one of my dearest friends again BJ! it was great and nad was happy :)! my new friend Ute  from Hamburg joined me for the concert and we had a great place second row FOS!
i dont know what to say about that show, but i had a pretty strange feeling about it after the gig! my friend Ute did agree that it wasnt the same like their open air shows. the boys seemed very distance this time and we felt like they playing just their program without any pleasure. sure they performed well as always but there were hardly any interacting with fans!

the best parts been CLEAN - thanks to Mart, MILES AWAY - such a powerful song live as well BEHIND THE WHEEL, which i highly was waiting for. anyway it was a little diappointment to get a shorter setlist from now on. we all missed, STRANGELOVE and MASTER & SERVANT!

by nadgahan / November 2009 / Home