P A R I S June 27th 2009



01. Intro-"in chains"
02. In Chains
03. Wrong
04. Hole to Feed
05. Walking In My Shoes
06. It's No Good
07. A Question Of Time
08. Precious
09. Fly On The Windscreen
10. Little Soul
11. Home
12. Come Back
13. Peace
14. In Your Room
15. I Feel You
16. In Sympathy
17. Enjoy The Silence
18. Never Let Me Down Again
19. Stripped
20. Master And Servant
21. Strangelove
22. Personal Jesus
23. Waiting for the night - Bare






Naughty in Paris -   REVIEW BY MAGS
The waiting
As Sèv and Magali were at the Stade very early (around 9 AM), I decided to go as soon
as I could. So I was there at 11 AM, Met Silaine. Sun was very hot already.
Then Sèv saw me and joined us with her best friend. We had such a great time all together.
Ombline came for a chat, another guy as well (a friend of my friends).
Sun more and more hot, I had to buy an official DM cap. I know, the "Decathlon" store
(sports item) was very close but hey, nothing's like a DM cap ! LOL
Sandrine and Nadège finally arrived, it was 4 PM. As we made a lot of noise, they
could stay with us ;D Then Nathalie showed up. I was so happy to see her again !
I thanked her one more time for the way she changed my life forever (she made me a
DM fan). Again, she and her boyfriend could stay with us because we made noise. LOL
Saddly, our little happy group (8 people then) didn't survive to the doors opening,
the worst ever ! So we were only 4 at the first row on the left side. We didn't know then
it was a very bad idea to stay there...

The show "Look at the frequencies at which I vibrate" someone said... Oh My God ! We almost
died at the first note ! Life is not sweet right in front of those giant speakers. I was so
vibrating I couldn't take any picture. Oh well... So basically the M83 set was a nightmare for us.
But finally, the magic happened again: the Boyz were on stage ! WOOHOO !! Crappy
vibrating sound ? What crappy vibrating sound ? Who cares when Dave is smiling, grabbing
and shaking it ? LMAO "Hey ! Look at that ! Anton is shooting them !" "And hey !
Who's that young blond girl coming  right in front of stage and looking at Mart ? Is that
Viva Lee ?" "Oh, it seems that Jenn is  backstage as well..."
Ok, now let me tell you about that show. "In chains" was very HOT ! (how does Dave do that ?
LOL). "Wrong" very powerful, the all stadium was singing along. "Hole to feed" was very "funky".
"Good evening Paaaariiiis !" Dave seemed very moved and extremely happy. Fletch was
jumping, I never saw him doing this that much before. Big grins on everyone's face. :D
Oh My Gahan ! I SWEAR Dave looked at me (or at least at my camera LOL) during
"Question of time". "Home" So beautiful. The all crowd (almost 65 000 people, coz some didn't)
was singing with Mart. And at the end of the song, we ALL sang along the melody. Mart didn't
expect that at all and gave us the biggest grin. Then Dave came back on stage. We were
still singing so he had no choice but conduct us. Biggest grins on their faces, wet eyes,
including Anton I think. That was magical. But the show had to go on.
"I feel you" Dave was on his knees. But no laying on the floor. "Enjoy the silence" During his
little dance, Dave came close to Mart, like he does during "Precious" , and they started to
bump their hips. Still big grins on their faces. "Never let me down again"!
"Stripped" Oh My Gahan ! He came right in front of me !! To see me ?? LOL
"Master and servant" Dave came back right in front, right under the left screen, to be
in front of US. "Strangelove" censored, again. BUT oh so sexy and this time a magnificient
grabbing.   And as a kind of tribute to Michael Jackson, he did a little Moonwalk.

After the show
WOW ! How could I, could we, could they ever forget that show ? It was THE BEST ! So
good that it was hard to remember on which planet we were, the day, the hour... I was so
confused, I was suddenly all by myself. I couldn't find anybody anymore. So I just went back home.

Next step : Nancy, the day after.


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