Depeche Mode press conference 
Berlin Olympiastadion,  October 6, 2008

At website  & as well on  some dm parties you could win guestlist places for the conference. Luckely I was one of the 1000 fans whom won! more than 20 000 devotees had joined the competitions. When I got the winner-mail I was the happiest girl on earth! Before writing more, here enjoy some of the photos I made....I hope they arent to bad *LOL*...
I reached the Olympicstadion around 10am, about 100 fans been there already, some old pals including! 90min later the inlet begin, very very bad organised, i dont think I was "pressed" like that since years, I hardly could breath, its no good if you are a small girl *LOL*!

I was endless glad when I finally were inside and even got a brilliant place. the block in front of the small stage was for the press people, so I got my place on the right block beside, about 8m away from the stage! that was quite okay and I really was HAPPY!

the tourpromoter Lieberberg said some things and dm live was on the screen behind. fans from all over europe been there!  before dm came they played two small pieces of NEW songs, what a nice surprise! First we saw was Fletch then Dave and Mart came and all i could do is *aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah* ....*LMAO*...oh god oh god.... nad's body full of pleasure and happiness. calling Dave, doing photos, my eyes full of tears of joy and my heart soooooooooooo happy!

I definate been out of the "Universe"  the 45 min long!  They been so funny I felt like being in comedian show ! I soooooooooooooooooooooo loved Dave's and Marts so happy faces, I bet they enjoyed being with us fans! Fletch been a bit strange, as always I should say.

All in all, I'm still very very happy and full of love for that guys. tv reports as well the whole Pk you find/ can download here :



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