At 8pm all started.....the support band was called Exillia, well quite heavy stuff, not really my case but at  least it was okay! they had a hard  job to do, as the fans did not support them at all.

WOW what a bomb of show it was, I don't think I ever lived such a powerful, crazy and hot show like of Till, Richard, Schneider and the rest. All the guys were looking gorgeous, dressed in very sexy clothes.  It actually was a hard decision to choose, who I should look at first *lol*! of course like we got used to, they played with a lot of fire-work stuff during the gig, which made their performance even more special. But they also been perfectly actor on stage especially the singer Till during the song "Mein Teil".  Which was one of the craziest moments. But THE BEST for me as DEPECHE MODE fan, was to hear  their cover of "Stripped" live...aaaaaaaaah what present for my heart and soul ;-)!!! Anyway if you haven't been  to their show yet, GO! I've just decided to see one more show next February in Leipzig.

Setlist: 01. Intro | 02. Reise, Reise  | 03. Links 234 
04. Keine Lust | 05. Feuer Frei! | 06. Rein Raus  | 
07. Morgenstern | 08. Mein Teil | 09. Stein um Stein
10. Moskau | 11. Du riechst so gut | 12. Du hast |
13. Sehnsucht | 14. Amerika | Pause | 15. Ohne dich | 
16. Los | 17
. ...... | 18. Rammstein | 19. Sonne |
20. Ich will | 21. Stripped

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