I reached the hall around 2pm, it was fucking cold and I had to wait for about 4 hours. There have been around 10 fans only so I had one way for me alone. Around 5pm some security guys joined us and I started to talk with two of them, it became quite funny and at the end they really must have liked me *lol*…as I could go in the hall, a few minutes before all the others. That’s been a premiere, I mean; I’ve been the first one in the hall and could choose the best  place of the 12000. So of course the middle of the first row was perfect. Nobody can’t imagine how fucking happy I’ve been then.  

At 8.pm the support band Apocalyptica made their performance, I just knew them from Viva, but I think they really been good, in fact they made a great gig and many in the hall seems to enjoy their show as well. So they played also two Metallica songs, including “Enter Sandman”. One of the band I found pretty sexy, the one with long dark hair and Jesus beard ;-)!  

At 9.12pm finally Rammstein came and the hall was “exploding”!  Most I did enjoy : “Links 2, 3, 4”, “Mein Teil” it’s great the game between Till and Flake! “Los” when Richard came in the middle of the stage and started the song with the acoustic guitar, bah what a sexy devil, for me he ´s the best ;-)))!  “Sonne”, “Ich will” and of course “Stripped”. The show been quite the same like in Berlin last time, but I guess I could see all that 101 times, I still would find it GREAT! Their shows rules!


Set list:  Intro | Reise, Reise  | Links 234  | Keine Lust | Feuer Frei! | Rein Raus  |  Morgenstern |  Mein Teil | Stein um Stein | Los  | Moskau | Du riechst so gut |  Du hast |  Sehnsucht |  Amerika |  |  Rammstein |  Sonne | Ich will | Ohne dich  | Stripped