Rammstein live in Berlin, 26th of June 2005

My name's Jasmin and I'm an alcoholic... NEIN, ich bin ein Berliner for a week and I must confess I was kinda scared when I arrived at the airport a couple days back (yeah, Germans everywhere. Any clue why???!).  It all turned up great after meeting my super guide Nadine (not sure "guide" is the right word, we almost got lost) and learning my first German lesson: "RAMMSTEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIN". But before I write about THE reason why you should all give your Depeche Mode, U2 or even Backstreet Boys up (I know it's gonna be hard for the last ones), let me try to review some of the things that've happened to me lately... assuming my alzheimer doesn't play any tricks on me again :o) Once upon a time, in a land far far away, as far as Paris actually, lived a 29-year-old (not bad looking) girl... gimme a call guys! June 26th 4 am, a bloody clock rang to remind me I had a plane to take 3 hours later. Guess what, I was on time, probably the second time of my life! My orange EasyJet plane landed at Berlin Schoenefeld airport at 8.30 and the only familiar face I saw arrived an hour later.  We took a train to the city centre for some sightseeing and to enjoy the lovely weather. Is this getting boring? That's the price to pay to know what happened later! Let's make it short before you all turn your computers off... I had a salad and an ice-cream... no, I'm kidding... I won't tell you we arrived at the Wuhlheide arena at 2.30, nor will I tell you that my back ached 'till 5 when some strangely dressed guys opened the doors! I tried to hide my camera the best I could and I'm proud to say I did a pretty good job ;o) I ran to the stage and lost my guide on the way. I thought I'd finally have some rest but she soon found her way to me... I'll try to leave her at some other place in the coming days, wish me luck!!! Anyway, we were on the second row and had to be strong not to let all those fans kick us out of there. A thick white smoke invaded the stage at 7pm and the sounds of 4 violins woke us all up: Apocalyptica. They played songs of their own, but I guess the ones I preferred were their instrumental covers of Metallica... "Enter sandman" rules, folks!!! Those guys are talented. It's amazing the things they can do with a violin... The only time I wished I were a music instrument ;o) 8.30... The very first notes of "Reise Reise" echoed in the arena and the crowd got mad. I felt like a hotdog, pushed by thousands of hysterical boys and girls... Man, I love concerts! Meine lieber (lesson number 2) Herr Lindemann entered the stage with black spots on his body... the pig  could've taken a shower and worn a suit! Oh noooooooo, he was perfect but I guess I'm not the most objective person when it comes to Rammstein. The band played songs like "Links 2 3 4", "Mein Teil" (in my opinion, the best performance and my favourite moment of the concert), "Ich will" or "stripped" (sorry devotees, their version was better!). But I suppose the moment we were all waiting for was the end... pfffffff, I'm a bit drunk... they say in Rome do as Romans... and in Germany, drink as Germans. I certainly won't find my way to bed tonight but let me finish this first before falling down! What was I saying? JAAAAAAAAA, the song we were waiting for was "Benzin", a new track that will appear on the next Rammstein album (due September 2005, start saving money). If I say the song's fantastic, none will trust me so I'll ask Nadine what she thinks about it: "Nadine, wie findest Du Benzin?"... Answer: "It's a bomb of song, pretty heavy but with a great melody you won't forget so easily"... Just for info, I haven't paid her to say this!!! The song's really good. Back to the gig, we must've lost 500g during the show, jumping and screaming. The fire works were amazing, the band was  superb and Till... ACH TILL, ICH WILL DICH. Sorry, that was my "groupie" time and I'm too old for this shit, I feel ashamed!!! Apocalyptika came back on stage to perform "Ohne dich" with Rammstein, such a romantic moment... Does it also sound weird to you to put Rammstein and romantic together? Never mind, the concert was unforgettable, even better than the one in Paris last February. We stood very close to the stage and were all wet at the end... how sexy, huh? (for pix, dial 00.331...). No one can set you on fire like Rammstein, can't wait to see them back with some brand new things I'd play 24/7. OK lads, that's all there is for you, but if you want me to do another Rammstein review next time I come to Germany... press 1 :o) Take care everyone and remember, RAMMSTEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN...

A Parisian Girl (From Algeria) in Berlin!    

THANKS to my guest reporter, but forget about one more review written by you, YOU ARE FIRED :-D! And hey guys, don't believe her, I was a
 good guide, just ask my pals (I can give you their address), they will tell you I'm the best guide in the world *hihi*! See you Nadine

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