Sunday, July 1st,2007


Support acts: "Gospel Choir"  and. "Dinosaur Jr." ! Both not really my case!

Just bought my ticket by ebay one week before the concert date! Made the trip alone, spent some nice hours in Hamburg before it was time for the inlet at 5pm! Many fans were waiting there already. Had a good business seat place this time, weather was okay, first hot sun than a bit rain. When the gig started sun was shining again. I loved the beginning of it and as always I felt very happy then. It was strange to see John F. playing there, as in May he was playing with Dave on the Music-care event in LA! So I felt like where the hell is Dave *lol*! The singer Anthony came as last on stage with a cool rain-jacket. He's sexy and I wished I would have stand in front of stage to see him closer.  I enjoyed the concert. Sadly he already left stage after only 75 minutes and the rest of the guys made a end-jam for around 24 minutes. The gig been certainly the LOUDEST one I ever been too *lol*! It could have been a bit longer and I wish Anthony wouldnt have left the stage so early! Fans been very excited and loud all the time! 31 000 people been there!



01 Intro
02 Can't Stop
03 Dani California
04 Otherside
05 Jam
06 21st Century
07 Parallel Universe
08 Tiny Dancer (John)
09 Snow ((Hey Oh))
10 Get on Top
11 Emit Remmus
20 seconds tease of Grand Pappy du Plenty by Flea
12 So Much I
13 She's Only 18
14 London Calling intro- Right on Time
15 Hump de Jam
16 Hump de Bump
17 By the Way

18 Chad drum solo
19 C'mon Girl
20 Give it Away
21 EndJam XXL (24 minutes)