Sunday, 09.10.2005
Berlin Velodrom

It's been a special event, which was broadcast in many cinema in Europe including Budapest, Paris! I was lucky enough to get tickets for, which were not cheap at all, but who cares, if you have the chance to be a part of it! the hall was open at 6.30pm, we got a great place left side on the long walk-way!

At 8pm he came on stage, exactly  in front of me ;-)...and everybody in the hall start screaming! Its been so loud you hardly could hear his singing! He made many jokes during the shows, talked to the fans, got a rose, talked to a "look-a-like", he really seems to be shocked about, they could have been twins, really! The show was 90 minutes long, many fans were disappointed that he didn't came back for 2 more songs! Anyway he had a almost broken hand, so maybe that's the reason for. All in all its been great anyway and I'm looking forward to see all the gig at TV!

7500 fans been there including a lot of German VIP's!!


T H E  S E T L I S T:

feel  (for me the best R.W song ever!)
a place to crash
trouble with me
advertising space
spread your wings
come undone
sin sin sin
no regrets
rock dj
make me pure




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