Sunday morning at 8am it was time to take the train to Hannover. Stef and I reached the city around  11am
... been in front of the Open Air Arena an half hour later. I was surprised to see so many fans (around 300) waiting there already! We had a big umbrella with us, as sun-care! see the picture;-) ! At 3pm they opened the gate to the stage already.

We had a cool security-guy in front of us, who´s been very kind , as it was damn hot weather and he always.. all the time  brought us cold water to drink which was a great help to stay okay! A lot of people did collapse because of the hot sunshine!

Around 7pm Kelly Osbourne came on stage and gave a little gig. She´s been so crazy like in the “Osbournes” which you can see on MTV! The music been quite loud and rocky and her singing was more a “screaming”! After that one more support-band came…actually the “Cardigans” which I found GREAT! I always liked their music and I really enjoyed their small gig a lot!

Around Mr. Williams came on stage …what a cool moment, 70 000 fans went crazy! I really been damn fascinated by his show from the first minute on, he really is one of the BEST ENTERTAINER… he’s been damn charming, pretty sexy and spent his time making jokes about everything, but most about himself which made him very symphatic! 



 ...Hannover 20.July2003 ...Robbie Williams...

SETLIST: Let me entertain you, Let love be your energy, We will rock you (my personal highlight) /Monsoon, Come undone ( here a girl/fan came on stage to him, he hold her close and gave her a kiss ) , Strong, Me and my monkey, Hot Fudge, Mr.Bonjangles, One for my baby,   She´s the one (this song he had delicated to “married couple”, Supreme, No regrets, Kids, Ecstasy/Rock dj, Feel (my favourite track from his lattest album) , Millennium … Angels and the old „Take That“ song: Back for good!