played 3 songs: a new unknown, his first single "LOVE IS YOU" and a fantastic version of "LET IT BE"! I was his first small concert as "germans superstar" and he enjoyed it as much as his fans!







I didnt knew many songs of 2Raumwohnung before, but they really killed me with their GREAT sounds WOW! They did made a hot show, their songs did  pleased me a lot! They were very entertaining as well.
They did made a fantastic show, in fact been all in very funny mood. its been cool to see them finally, i always wanted in the past, finally it happend! They did play all their hits like: MFG, Troy, Die da, Tag am Meer, Der Picknicker, Ernten was wir sehen, Einfach sein...



One more singer which i hadnt seen live yet and was tense to do. I didnt expected him to be such a funny, entertaining singer. he made lot of jokes, also really rocked hard over the stage ...WOW! of course he played lot of his famous tracks like: Alcohol, Maenner, Bochum, Mensch, Maria! He played around 2 1/2 hours!


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June 2008 - nadgahan