July 8th 2009



01. Intro-"in chains"
02. In Chains
03. Wrong
04. Hole to Feed
05. Walking In My Shoes
06. It's No Good
07. A Question Of Time
08. Precious
09. Fly On The Windscreen
10. Little Soul
11. Home
12. Come Back
13. Peace
14. In Your Room

15. I Feel You
16. In Sympathy
17. Enjoy The Silence
18. Never Let Me Down Again
19. Stripped
20. Master And Servant
21. Strangelove
22. Personal Jesus
23. Waiting for the night - Bare


Torrid in Valladolid    -       REVIEW BY MAGS
3km don't scare me so I walked to the stadium ! Anyway, I looked and looked and looked more
for infos about buses and stuff, I found NOTHING ! *LOL*
My ticket, and all the posters in town, said the show was at 10 PM. Well, that's the Spanish way
to say that the show actually began at 8:30 PM *LMAO*. Apparentely, Spanish people don't
care about 1rst acts. Actually the stadium was "empty" when MOTOR did their thing.
But let's go back to the waiting. I was there at 5 PM (too hot before), regular fan base (=
crazy and craziest) was there, ALL DRESSED IN BLACK : German, English, French (ME !!
*lol*) and some Spanish from the DEVOTION Spanish Fan Club (easy to find, they were all
wearing the same t-shirt). We were lucky... err I mean Spanish architects do know their thing,
we were in the shadow of the stadium all the time. There was NO shadow at Stade de France
and even less in Nancy. Around 6 PM, the 4 Kings arrived in taxi. Not 3 but 4 ! *LOL* All
Dave's look alike of course, Enjoy the silence's vid Dave.
Lots of journalists were there as well. Seemed like it was the biggest thing of the year in town.
Well, Bruce Springsteen and Seal are about to come but I bet there won't be that lot of crazy fans.
Doors opened at 7 PM. Never saw a cooler crowd. Spanish fans are the coolest, no rush,
no running, cooooooool...
But first thing was bad : there were 4 kinds of tickets on sale (front stage, standing, seated
with and without number), but there were only 3 doors and they were "undefined", you'll have
to "do it yourself" once inside. That means I was at the closest door to the stage but once inside
I had to go to the other side of the stadium and cross it another time to go to the Front Stage area.
The "Fletch's side" was empty but I was attracted by Dave's place one more time. Not that bad,
same spot than in Luxembourg. MOTOR ? Maybe I was in a better mood, I found them cool.
After that, the crew had to fix the "digital wall" and the big ball : 5 mini-screens were out of order.
Once fixed, countdown started. H-5 minutes, the DM logo appeared as usual. WOOHOO !!!
La fiesta se puede actuar !
Big grin on Dave's face, good start. I didn't get what he said but that was definitely not a
"Good evening Valladolid !". Or am I deaf ?! *LOL*. Tonight we had "crazy Dave". WOOHOO !!
That was not just a grabbing, that was more like a "Look at that big thing I'm holding !" *LMAO*
He gave us a naughty "micstand dance" during "Fly on the windscreen" . And call me crazy
if you want, but he sang the first chorus looking deeply into my eyes. <3<3<3<3
Still no "Jezebel" (Mart ! Come on !!) but "Little soul" and "Home". The Spanish crowd
tried to do better than we did in Paris or Nancy but that was so bad... The funny thing is that
Dave still tried to conduct the crowd and did it very well this time. The sound remained crappy
but you could actually believe that he was the master ! (Well he is in a way ;D).
He had his scarf on, days are hot but nights are fresh in Valladolid. Very fresh.
Ooooooooooooooooooooooh Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Gaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan...
"I feel you"
... what was that ?!?!?!?! I WANT MORE !!! It was like his hand was going
down... but didn't !! Meanwhile his pelvis was moving very slowly... I started to scream very
loudly (well that bastard who came right in front of me deserved lots of noise from me as he
was blocking my view... but not that  ! THANK GOD !! :D). Sorry by the way, Dave did that
right after I put my camera back in my bag...
At some point of the show, Dave gave his mic to some lady to sing. I think he knew her,
very well indeed. She gave him an "abanico" (= hand held fan), it was for Fletch. Later, they
all gave her a little wave or something (winks, kisses...).
Just before "Policy of truth" we all sang very loudly "Happy Birthday Fletch !". He was
so happy, the star of the day !! He was so proud he didn't even eat the 5 bananas his assistant
had put near his keyboards earlier *LMAO*. "Master and servant" ... pelvis so hypnotic...
 I use the word "pelvis" on purpose, but you all know what I mean (and what I was obviously
looking at *LMAO*) Same thing with "Strangelove"... Man those pants are tight ! That was
the very first thing I've noticed (that's why I'm Dirty Angel Nr 2). When Dave wasn't smiling or
grinning, he was giving some hot bad boy looks away. And it was like he was on fire, moving
all the time !! I don't know why, but since the beginning of "Waiting for the night", the song
felt like a big joke. First, when Dave and Mart went to the end of the catwalk, the crowd was
singing a "football song". That made them laugh. As usual, I saw only their asses but I really felt
they were "laughing" while singing. And suddenly, someone threw something on the catwalk.
The thing went right in Mart's face. I think he "laughed" even more. Dave was actually laughing
when he called Christian, Peter and the Queen of the day, I mean the Birthday girl, I mean Fletch !
I hate when it's over. Well of course I'll see them next time , but still...  Next step : Porto -
after a 8 hours trip by train by night...
PS : Hey by the way, I don't know if it's was only tonight or the new policy but the "Limited edition"
poster cost only 5€ ! Cool ! (I told you !) *LOL*
 PS˛ : That was written right after the show on july 8th. Today is july 17th and now we all know 
that Valladolid was the last real concert of the 1st European leg of the Tour Of The Universe...

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