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- In Chains
- Wrong
- Hole To Feed
- Walking In My Shoes
- It's No Good
- A Question Of Time
- Precious
- Fly On The Windscreen
- Little Soul
- Home
- Come Back
- Peace
- In Your Room
- I Feel You
- Policy Of Truth
- Enjoy The Silence
- Never Let Me Down Again

- Stripped
- Master And Servant
- Strangelove

- Personal Jesus
- Waiting For The Night





Werchter, Belgium, June 20th 2009.

Paris --> Brussels : OK
Brussels --> Leuven : OK - DM fan in the train :D
Hotel ? Oh so good !! Very close to the train station... from where the "Werchter Rock buses"
 leave. EXCELLENT ! But I can't understand a single word !! *LMAO* Werchter is in the
non french talking part of Belgium.
On the way to Werchter, in the "Rock bus", I can see very cute white belgian cows resting...
We're in the middle of nowhere !! *lol*
Arriving at Werchter, there's still a looooooooong walk to do, about 1 mile (Hope it'll be ok
when I leave... not like at Belfort last time in 2006).

What ?!?! Absolutely NO bottle ?!? Damn it ! I'll have my medicine (ooouuch damn sciatica)
with my orange juice then... 1:00 PM : SUN !! Finally ! I'm in the PIT zone, front of stage area !!
WOOHOO !!!  1:25 PM : And now the speaker is speaking. I don't understand a single word
*LOL*. Oh no, not true. He says "Basildon trio Depeche Mode" and "Motor". I'll stay on the
ground for a while then. Same... noise... again... don't care, I have my ear plugs :p. Pix ?
Since when you can take pictures of noise ?? *lmao*

Next act : Tom Helsen. Who the hell that guy ?? *lol*
2:35 PM : OMG ! The man (Tom Helsen) is so cute !! Looks like Pat Dempsey. The cow is up
now. I like his sound very much. I think I'm gonna buy his album(s) as soon as I'm home...
Or maybe in town tomorrow... (Leuven or Brussels :p).
Next act : Duffy.  3:55 PM : Duffy's on stage now. Freezing (sun is hidding). Boring.
ZZzzZZzz. Backing singers ? What for ? Can't hear them at all ! *lol* 
Next act : Keane. Can't wait to see my baby Tom now. The cow is happy.
 5:30 PM : OMG ! Tom is CRAZY today !! So crazy I hope he's not on drugs and/or alcohol again
... Tom says he's (they're) very happy to be here and very excited to hear and see DM. The
cow is on cloud 9. Very cool cover of Bowie/Mercury's "Under pressure". (Check my vid ;D)
 Next act : Moby. I'm gonna stay up now. Damn, DM fans can be really mean sometimes.
They make NO ROOM for Keane or Moby fans *lol*.
 7:05 PM : Moby says "Thank you Thank you Thank you" after each song, that's funny.
He says he's gonna sing a particular song, a cover (don't ask me which one) only tonight.
It's a TW Classic exclusivity *lol*. He says also he's very happy to share the festival line-up
with DM, he's a huge fan. He saw them in New York when he was only 14 or something (teenager
anyway). Next act : DEPECHE MODE !!!!!!!! Excited cow !


9:00 PM : Nothing.
9:03 PM : Still nothing...
9:05 PM : I am worried. No big ball tonight, 1 light down, band still not there.. what's happening ?
Something wrong again ? Hope not ! Oh oh, here they are !! RELIEF !! *LMAO*
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh Dave is smiling...
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh Fletch is pointing again... Maybe he does that randomly *lmao*
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh Silver Mart, so shiny...
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh my GAAAAAHAAAN the man is moaning and groaning 
during "In chains" Ooooooh too HOT on "Fly on the windscreen", he's doing it with the
micstand... Oh my God he's doing it again !!! Shit I missed that, camera is in my bag *LOL*
Ooh nooo, "Little soul"... Don't get me wrong, I love that song. It's just that I was expecting
(I wanted to film it *lol*). I'm still singing with Mart during "Home".
Oh God what's that ? Oh My Gahan now he's doing it with us on "Strangelove" !!! :DDD
Why am I not filming this ?! The screening is censored this time.
Dave screams more than usual on "Personal Jesus". Is he having an orgasm ?? *LMAO*
Oh God he's so HOT tonight... but kinda tired : more screams maybe, more micstand
humping but less sexy moves... "Waiting for the night"... magical... as usual... A guy next
me screams "Elton John !!" when Fletch is in front of us on the catwalk (check the vid). I can't
help but laughing. 11:00 PM : So once again, it's over... I'm kinda sad, freezing, suffering (sciatica),
thirsty (not hungry, I ate all day long *lol*) and I want to catch a bus to go back to the hotel in Leuven...
Looking for a limited edition poster but there ain't any... not even a t-shirt or something... Shit.
It will be hard for me to fall asleep tonight : I'm excited like never, thanks to the Gahan
Man !!*LMAO*  Next step for Mags : Paris !! Home !!

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