Berlin, Olympia Stadion
 28th of July 2006












Rock DJ
Sin Sin Sin
Make Me Pure
Swingers Intro /
 Me And My Shadow
Take That Medley
Back For Good
Are You Lonesome .... Advertising Space
Come Undone
Let Me Entertain You
Rude Box




This time I had won a competition and got two tickets for free! So it was the first time since a long while that I had seat-places. It was a pretty strange feeling to be so far away from stage but also fascinating to see the show from there. It all begun at 6pm.

Support: a 30min DJ set &  one more hour with the band "Basement Jaxx", which been really great! Including their hit "Raise your head of"!

8.45pm Mr.William's show started! Though the show wasn't sold out completely, there been a lot of noise inside the Stadium all night long! During the show he made a lot of jokes, as always, playing football with his friend John, making competitions with him, like who can sing longer without to breath! Then he was reading all the messages, which fans had made on banner for him! Like this one "I wanna be your gay friend"...where he laughed about and answered "sorry, no" *lol*!

He have been a perfect entertainer, full of charm and jokes as always! He played all his big hits and also a new song from his new album, which comes out in some months called "Rude box"! something completely different to all the songs he ever had. Pretty cool and fresh I must say! All in all its been a great night, so thank you Mr. Robbie :-)!

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